Construction Management Software

Oracle’s leading cloud construction management software connects your teams, processes and data to drive productivity, improve control, and unlock data-driven insights across your construction projects.

Schedule management

The successful delivery of any engineering or construction project starts with a well and collaboratively built schedule. A schedule that coordinates the right resources on the right work at the right time, improving communication between office and field teams to boost productivity and respond to project changes in real time.

With our construction management software for planning, scheduling, and resource management, project teams can integrate the contractual CPM activity schedule with the field task management details. Visual planning and execution options unify office and field teams into one community, one project, one schedule. Available from anywhere, for any size project, you can configure the solution to meet individual project requirements and centralize best practices for all projects.

Construction Project and Cost Controls

Complexity is growing across all areas of construction — aligning field and office, depending on external teams, interpreting vast amounts of data, and making rapid decisions — all requiring greater digitization to perform optimally. The legacy systems and spreadsheets used throughout the years to manage projects will not allow construction businesses to grow and adapt quickly in today’s market. Our cloud-based construction management software enables businesses to rapidly deploy new projects, adapt to unique business requirements, and operate leaner with teams using data rather than just collecting it. With robust controls, organizations can automate, track, and manage budgets, commitments, spends, forecasts, and business processes within the organization and across the supply chain.

Design and construction coordination

Model management is not just for the design team. If the entire project isn’t connected to the centralized and current model and plans, you risk inconsistent project team results and data, which slows processes and decisions, and contributes to errors and disputes. Construction management software with a true common data environment enables the entire project community to collaborate on models and plans while connecting all teams and data to the BIM process. In the delivery phase the centralized management of the many key processes is crucial to reduce the risk of unplanned cost, delays, quality issues, and exposure to liability. Our construction management software solution brings project management into the field, empowering delivery teams to solve problems quickly and independently, boosting productivity.

Construction document management

Oracle’s construction management software provides digital document repositories and processes that enable efficient management of the huge volume of documents generated across the entire construction project lifecycle. This simplifies and automates document distribution and workflows, while mitigating risk and confusion by ensuring the entire project team is working off a “single version of the truth” for every document, as well as streamlining the management of change requests for all upstream and downstream documents. The digitization of document management also creates robust audit trails across all project documents, while enabling the seamless handover of a comprehensive and fully connected data set upon project completion.

Construction payment management

Savvy construction project owners and general contractors know that the well-being and loyalty of a high-performing delivery supply chain is fundamental to both consistently delivering profitable projects on time, and to their reputation – success attracts success. By streamlining and automating critical areas of invoicing, payments, and compliance management, these leaders move money through their supply chain efficiently, accurately, and securely, removing delay-causing financial friction and minimizing disruption risk. Our construction payment management software is the cloud-based solution of choice for billing, payment, and compliance management, including lien waiver management, plus integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and unrivaled client services.