Stadiums without borders: Stadium technology and trends in 2022 and beyond

Stadium trends report

We’re witnessing a turning point in stadium-goer preferences

Accelerated by staff shortages that impact service delivery, fans are increasingly ready to let go of nostalgia and embrace a digital future, one where the stadium is not only the destination but an immersive, self-guided tour.

The desire for digital speed beats slower, in-person experiences

The return to live events has been both a welcome development and a major challenge for facilities operators.

Fans show that stadium and arena operators need to provide an experience that embraces self-service and reduces reliance on human interactions. For the first time ever, more than half of attendees prefer using stadium technology over interacting with staff during live stadium events, and 70% don’t mind if service jobs are replaced by digital solutions in the future.

Consumers are happy to interact with technology over staff service

Effortless customer experience means more opportunities

Fans want to return to the thrill of in-person live events but expect that experience to be combined with the effortlessness of digital engagements pre- and post-game. This offers huge opportunities for events operators to create added value throughout the stadium journey.

Digitization can also enhance sports fans' experiences beyond concessions


think it would be amazing to engage with favorite teams in the metaverse


prefer to view sports stats through their own device


are either pro or indifferent to the introduction of robot referees or umpires

Customers want to experience some of the benefits of in-person live events while viewing from home

When they do choose to watch from the comfort of their own home, sports fans prefer receiving personalized promotions to enhance the game-day fun with stadium-brand food and drinks.

And when fans do attend events in person, they’re eager to add to the live portion of the day with digital pre- and post-event content to create a more well-rounded, all-day experience.


love the idea of purchasing an all-inclusive experience at a pre-game partner restaurant and exclusive post-game content on their device


love the idea of participating as part of a virtual crowd, supporting their team and interacting with fans in the metaverse

Unlock customer value beyond the stadium

Stadium visitors now want the best of both worlds. They seek the excitement of live, in-person viewing, but want the experience to feel as convenient as it has been from the comfort of their home. They want the fun to begin before they enter the stadium and continue long after they exit.

How can event operators exceed customer expectations by using data to predict buying behavior?

The answer is clear: provide a service that is both immersive and seamless, so that fans can focus on what really matters—having a great time.

The key to delivering this lies in leveraging fan data through a consolidated platform that considers every aspect of the experience and tailors offers and content to each user. A truly integrated platform allows you to predict what will be consumed—and by whom—to help you keep lines moving, seats filled, and viewers happy.

Independent study: sports and entertainment consumer trends

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