Population health management

Move beyond individual care. With our population health management solutions, you can expand your organization’s care focus by magnifying efforts across entire populations and emphasizing chronic condition management and prevention. We can help you provide coordinated care beyond the hospital to promote healthier populations.

The Oracle Health difference

  • We understand how data informs clinical strategies and decisions

    Activate strategies based on relevant context and information about your patients, populations, and communities by tapping into our electronic health record data.

  • We bring proven experience in connecting data

    We break down data siloes by connecting standardized and unstandardized data from more than 130 EHR, 120 payer, and 345 private and public data sources.

  • We bring clinical insights that can inform better care decisions

    With four decades of experience in healthcare technology, we bring the expertise you need to equip your clinicians with meaningful insights, powered by relevant EHR data.

Truman Medical Centers is focused on providing accessible, state-of-the-art health care to Kansas City’s vulnerable populations using innovative technologies and strategies

Ontario Hospitals Launch Health Information Exchange with Oracle

Ontario is rapidly advancing towards more integrated systems, with the province adopting policies and establishing standards. Within the framework, HIE partners are implementing the first steps of a provincial data exchange that delivers a multitude of benefits including improved and safer transitions of care for patients and residents and better coordination of healthcare services for health service providers,” said Lyn Baluyot, president and CEO, TransForm Shared Service Organization. “I am proud of the hard work and dedication of the Ontario eHub HIE team for bringing us another giant step forward in providing coordinated care of Ontarians.

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