Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service enables banks to help their corporate clients manage their working capital effectively while adhering to regulatory requirements. The state-of-the-art cloud service, based on contemporary technology, empowers bankers and corporates with accurate cash flow forecasting, efficient collections and receivables, and reconciliation of payments.

Real-time cash management and digitized collections and receivables.

Explore Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service features

Real time

Banks and corporates can get real-time cash positions on their dashboards.


The solution offers accurate cash flow forecasting to ensure correct cash usage strategies. These forecasts can be very flexible, with a selection of filters such as time period and different business scenarios.

Comprehensive collections

Minimize float time with comprehensive collections management capabilities, including check collections. Collections are possible from customer-specific pickup points as well.


Great flexibility is available to accommodate any kind of scenario where one can pool credits, advance future credits, and postpone current credits.

Artificial intelligence

Ensure faster settlements with superior AI-enabled invoice management. After reading the invoice—a task supported by machine learning—reconciliation is automated. Unreconciled invoices can also be manually reconciled.

Automated reconciliation

Reduce costs and errors with automated reconciliation based on predefined rules.

Manual reconciliation

Manual reconciliation is available for unreconciled invoices, which can be identified and completed through dashboards.


Manual de-reconciliation is available for both automatically and manually reconciled invoices.

Many-to-many reconciliation

Reconciliation can be for one or multiple payments against one or multiple invoices.


A dashboard to check the aging of account receivables, showing the percentage of unpaid invoices either overdue or near due.


A dashboard to show the percentage of receivables overdue, outstanding, and paid, among other details.

Payer’s health

A dashboard to showcase the percentage of payers who paid in advance or on time as well as those who have defaulted.

Collections and returns

A dashboard to track the percentage of collections and returns across a variety of payment methods.

Future-proof solution

The solution is always up to date with short release cycles and automatic upgrades, freeing our customers to focus on business innovation. Oracle's cloud native environment ensures a frictionless experience through automated provisioning and out-of-the-box interfaces.

Minimal failures

Continuous regeneration ensures optimal service levels and minimizes the number of failures. The solution also automatically monitors the environment, providing insights that help prevent failure of service—whether manual or rule-based.

Highly scalable

Oracle's cloud native environment offers automatic provisioning of additional infrastructure to support an immediate rise in demand. With a complete Oracle stack, there are no capacity constraints. Banks can use pay-per-use facilities, helping them optimize OpEx and minimize CapEx.

Readily available

Cash Management Cloud Service is deployed on multiple availability domains with automatic switchover, same-region disaster recovery, and continuous regeneration of services. The solution optimizes resources based on several factors, providing better reliability, visibility, and control.

Why choose Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service?

01Microservices architecture

Cloud native microservices architecture proven at tier 1 banks with high concurrency and scalability.

02Better cashflow management

Ensure sufficient cash flow under different economic scenarios with balanced working capital and minimal operational costs.

03Accurate cash positioning

Enable entities and banks to accurately calculate their cash position and use it to inform future cash flow decisions.

04Accelerated processing

Accelerate receivables and payables processing with complete rule-based automated processes.

05AI/ML enabled

Enable superior intelligence with connected data to ensure accuracy and scalability.

06Access to a financial ecosystem

Leverage connected data from an ecosystem of banks, fintechs, and corporates.

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Empowering banks to help corporates manage cash effectively

Corporates are now growing at tremendous speeds and face increasing complexity in their cash management operations. Oracle Banking Cash Management Cloud Service enables banks to meet corporate customers’ cash management requirements while addressing dynamic market needs.

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