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Oracle SuperCluster
Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Databases and Applications

Customer Success with Oracle SuperCluster

Communications Customers

Communications is a category that includes wireless and land-based telephone, cable, and service provider companies.

Hosting Provider Advania Deploys Oracle SuperCluster Cloud

IT Hosting provider Advania deployed Oracle SuperCluster in a private cloud environment and cut its operational costs by more than 80 percent by consolidating its compute footprint fivefold while reducing its IT infrastructure complexity.

Dimension Data

The advantage of Oracle SuperCluster and the Oracle on Oracle stack allows Dimension Data to provide secure multitenancy, revolutionizing the services delivered to their customers.


Atos IT Solutions and Services reduced power, cooling, and space costs by 75 percent with Oracle SuperCluster, and is set for projected 1.5x profitability growth.


Etisilat Nigeria optimized mission-critical enterprise platforms, integrating Oracle SuperCluster with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Data Warehouse.

Consumer, Ecommerce, and Retail

This category includes retail stores, distributors, and other business-to-consumer companies.

Specialized Bikes

With Oracle SuperCluster, month-end reporting was reduced from 20 hours to 20 minutes, performance increased 17x, and production deployment was achieved in just 65 days.

Financial Services

This category includes retail, commercial, investment, securities banks, and other financial institutions.


HDFC Securities transformed its retail security operations with Oracle SuperCluster. HDFC increased peak trading capacity 4x, cut time for batch jobs from 9 to 3 hours, and achieved 25:1 server consolidation ratios, saving 3x in data center space.

Uganda Revenue Authority Ensures 99.9% Service Uptime

Uganda Revenue Authority Ensures 99.9% Service Uptime for Government Ministries and Services to Citizens with Oracle SuperCluster

Uganda Revenue Authority, implemented Oracle SuperCluster as part of its IT infrastructure, removed significant implementation risk, and ensured that the organization benefitted from a truly engaged vendor committed to delivering powerful, integrated hardware and software that could be trusted now and in the future.

Manufacturing, Transportation, and Energy

This category includes manufacturers, transporters, and logistics companies as well as oil, gas, and other energy providers.

United Energy

United Energy Meets Objectives by Using Oracle SuperCluster.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

iQor Sees 30% Improvement in Performance for Critical Applications While Lowering IT Managed-Services Costs by 20%

iQor optimized it’s production, business intelligence reporting, and disaster recovery environments for its mission-critical systems on Oracle SuperCluster, improving performance, scalability, and uptime while reducing operating costs.

Uganda Revenue Authority Ensures 99.9% Service Uptime

Portic Barcelona Modernizes Port Management System, Achieves 32x Performance Improvement with Oracle SuperCluster

Portic Barcelona S.A. used Oracle SuperCluster to set up a private cloud and become hardware independent. The company will also continue to use Oracle Solaris, and will benefit from its stability and ease of handling. The company analyzed alternatives, but the change would have been too drastic and the costs too high. Oracle provided much greater value.

B Logistics

B Logistics

B Logistics saw 40 percent performance improvements initially, and with further tuning, performance improved in total by 50 percent.

Public Sector and Education

This category includes governmental agencies, universities, and other institutions.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Uses Oracle SuperCluster to Eliminate Downtime and to Support a 10x Increase in Enrollment

Learn how Oracle SuperCluster helped Universidad Autónoma de Madrid to enable hundreds of students to enroll for classes faster and simultaneously.

Services and High Tech

This category that includes semiconductor and other technology companies as well as travel and other service-related companies.

Computer Knowledge

Oracle’s consolidation tools and methodologies help government organizations realize the benefits of data center consolidation with Oracle SuperCluster, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.


Oracle SuperCluster is a big focus for our customers for platform and application modernization using CSC SuperEdge, and it supports database, middleware, and applications in a cloud.


Oracle SuperCluster with Oracle Enterprise Manager is the best possible platform for successfully managing database as a service in complex environments.



CNSI Uses Oracle SuperCluster to Power Medicaid Systems in Three States, Accelerates Claims Processing, and Improves System Performance 4x.



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