Enabling customer choice with Red Hat on OCI

Oracle’s partnership with Red Hat gives you options for running your enterprise workloads. Oracle and Red Hat are jointly enabling and supporting a growing selection of Red Hat products on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Our goal is to give customers choice when migrating applications to the cloud.

了解适合您各种工作负载的 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 为何能够获得“领导者”称号。

Red Hat on OCI use cases

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux on OCI Compute

    90 percent of the Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat or Oracle solutions. Many of these companies use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as their operating system. Organizations can standardize their cloud operations with RHEL on OCI, giving them a common platform that extends from on- premises to OCI’s distributed cloud.

    OCI offers high performing, mission-critical cloud services. Customers can migrate existing workloads already running on RHEL to RHEL on OCI.

    Customers with current RHEL support contracts can migrate their licenses to OCI and continue to receive support from Red Hat.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux on OCI flexible virtual machines

    Certified configurations of OCI flexible virtual machines can run RHEL. Flexible virtual machines can be sized to the workload in 1-core increments to match performance and budgetary needs.

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux on OCI bare metal instances

    For organizations that need dedicated performance, a low-latency interconnect, and access to GPUs, certified configurations of OCI bare metal instances can run RHEL and provide isolation and control with dedicated physical servers. They support applications that require high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high bandwidth connectivity.

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  • Create custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux images for OCI

    Customers today use Red Hat Enterprise Linux image builder to customize RHEL installation images to meet their corporate and security policies.

    The command line, local utility now supports and can build images that are supported on OCI. This enables customers to continue meeting their corporate and security needs when deploying to OCI.

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  • Collaborative support from Oracle and Red Hat

    The strategic partnership between Oracle and Red Hat includes a joint support with transparent collaboration. Customers can contact both Red Hat and Oracle support to help resolve potential issues.

    Read the FAQ


试用逾 20 个 Always Free 云技术服务,或在 30 天试用版中体验更多服务

Oracle 提供的免费套餐包含了 Autonomous Database、Arm Compute 和 Storage 等 20 多个服务,另外还有 300 美元的免费储值,让您可以试用更多云技术服务。立即获取详细信息并注册您的免费账户。

  • Oracle Cloud 免费套餐包含哪些内容?

    • 2 个 Autonomous Database,各 20 GB
    • AMD 和 Arm Compute VM
    • 总共 200 GB 块存储
    • 10 GB 对象存储空间
    • 每月 10 TB 出站数据传输
    • 超过 10 个 Always Free 服务
    • 价值 300 美元的免费储值,有效期 30 天


通过教程和动手实验室体验各种 OCI 服务。无论您是开发人员、管理员还是分析师,我们都可以帮助您了解 OCI 的工作原理。许多练习都运行于 Oracle Cloud 免费套餐或 Oracle 提供的免费练习环境中。

  • 开始使用 OCI 核心服务

    本课程中的练习介绍了 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 核心服务,包括 Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) 以及计算和存储服务。

    立即开始 OCI 核心服务练习
  • Autonomous Database 快速入门

    在本课程中,您将了解如何开始使用 Oracle Autonomous Database。

    立即开始 Autonomous Database 快速入门练习
  • 基于电子表格构建应用

    此练习将指导您如何将电子表格上传到 Oracle Database 表中,然后基于新表格创建应用。

  • 在 OCI 上部署 HA 应用

    在本练习中,您将在 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 中的两个计算实例上部署 Web 服务器,这些实例由 Load Balancer 在 High Availability (HA) 模式下配置。

    立即开始 HA 应用练习

了解 150 多个优秀实践设计

了解我们的架构师和其他客户如何部署各种工作负载,包括从企业应用到高性能计算 (HPC),再从微服务到数据湖的工作负载。您可以观看“构建并部署”系列视频,参考来自其他客户架构师的优秀实践,使用“一键部署”功能或者通过 GitHub 库部署更多工作负载。


  • Apache Tomcat 和 MySQL Database Service
  • 在 Kubernetes 上运行 Oracle Weblogic 和 Jenkins
  • 机器学习和人工智能环境
  • 基于 Arm 的 Tomcat 和 Oracle Autonomous Database
  • 使用 ELK Stack 进行日志分析
  • 使用 OpenFOAM 的高性能计算

浏览 Oracle 系列活动,包括最新公告、客户对话、产品洞察、技术专题讲座和动手实验室。


想详细了解 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?让我们的专家为您提供帮助。

  • 专家能为您解答以下问题:

    • 哪些工作负载可以在 OCI 中高效运行?
    • 如何充分利用对 Oracle 的投资?
    • OCI 在云计算领域有哪些优势?
    • OCI 如何为您的 IaaSPaaS 目标提供支持?


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