Migrate Oracle Databases to OCI

Oracle provides strategies, solutions, tools, and services for online and offline database migrations. Free planning advisors, automation, and step-by-step guides help you perform non-disruptive and validated migrations.

Migrate Oracle Databases to OCI

  • Maintain business uptime

    Migrate databases while applications are online.

  • Every version and platform

    Move from any version, platform, and OS to any OCI Database service, including Exadata, Cloud@Customer, and Autonomous.

  • Extensive automation

    Choose easy-to-use user experiences that simplify even the most complex scenarios or assemble workflows for exceptional situations.

  • Much more than moving data

    Advisors help you choose target databases, efficient estate migration, and best practice methods.

  • Upgrade as you migrate

    Upgrade and migrate simultaneously in a streamlined migration workflow.

  • Leverage existing investments

    Transfer licenses and workloads with BYOL for discounted rates, support fee offsets, and more.

Getting Started: Migrate Oracle Databases to OCI


Oracle’s best practice planning advisors and automated solutions help you through your migration lifecycle. Supported by zero downtime technologies and enterprise-class database utilities, applications can remain online during migrations, enabling the least risk, disruption, and cost.

Overview diagram, details below
Migrate Oracle Databases to OCI Overview
Plan Prepare Execute Validate
  • Identify sources and targets
  • Prioritize business and technical planning factors
  • Use planning advisors
  • Provision resources
  • Simulate migrations and respond to exceptions
  • Backup source database
  • Copy source to target
  • Capture ongoing changes and apply to target
  • Confirm data movement
  • Compare performance
  • Switchover to new database

Planning Advisors

Best practice planning tools allow you to make strategic and tactical decisions, from choosing the best database to migrating with the least effort and business disruption. Fine-tune a migration method that considers acceptable downtime, upgrade considerations, and DBA skills.

Planning Advisors diagram explanation below

Oracle offer six database migration planning advisors. Each of these tools can be used independently or together to help you assess your database migration options, strategy, and complexity. They are grouped into two categories: overall estate assessment and specific technical recommendations. Some tools require little to no preparation and others require complete details of your database estate. If you choose TRY, you can try out these tools.

Here’s brief summary for each of these tools:

Estate Explorer evaluates an entire database estate that you can upload from a spreadsheet or Enterprise Manager. The reporting identify database candidates that require the least effort to migrate to Autonomous Database.

Service Advisor helps you choose which Oracle Database service is best for your requirements.

Methods Advisor provides quick insight to which migration method and supporting technologies are appropriate for specific source and target databases.

Premigration Tool is a detailed technical diagnostic tool that identifies incompatibilities and remediation for upgrades and migrations between databases.

Cloud Migration Advisor is a detailed diagnostics and recommendation tool combining the capabilities of the migration methods advisor and estate explorer plus additional factors to make more precise recommendations.

Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench is an embedded feature of Enterprise Manager. This tool leverages known metadata around your database estate and makes planning recommendations.

Two of these tools, Estate Explorer and Cloud Migration advisor are not yet self-service, but with the help of your Oracle sales person, you can access them. Enterprise Manager is a licensed product, but you can explore the product on a trial basis from within the OCI Marketplace.

You can learn more about these tools and access informative links on the TECHNOLOGIES tab.


Evaluate source databases with the Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT) against target database and platform to identify upgrades, prioritize exceptions, and suggest resolutions. Use step-by-step guides to provision environments and iteratively test migration workflows.

Prepare diagram explanation below

In this "Prepare" diagram, there are two layers of preparation steps. The first layer above represents the Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT). These are the steps to evaluate and prepare your source databases to be compatible with the target. The steps of CPAT are to identify exceptions, present the findings, take remediation actions or not, then rerun the advisor until all issues are resolved. CPAT is embedded into the automated migration solutions and part of the logical migration method workflows.

The second layer is to perform a test migration. These steps include provisioning cloud resources, run or execute the migration, validate the movement and performance, then reset the environment until you are ready to do execute the migration. PREPARATION means practice running the migration and developing procedures for failure, reset, and recovery.

Migration workflow technologies

Three automated alternatives streamline and orchestrate migration workflows using Oracle Database utilities for offline migrations. For online migrations, high availability and standby capabilities are added. Finally, additional technologies validate performance and ongoing synchronization.

Execute diagram explanation below

In this EXECUTE diagram, all Oracle technologies are identified in each of the migration steps.

In the prepare phase, there are two strategies – use automated solutions or do it yourself with any of the component tools, services, utilities, and products. Regardless of your choice, the next step is to use the Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool to test the source database metadata and data against the compatibility requirements of the target database.

In the execute phase, there are two business continuity factors to choose from – online or offline. If you choose offline migrations, they can either by physical or logical. Physical means that you use the Oracle Recovery Manager backup-restore function. Logical means you use oracle Data Pump to do a data extract and import. If you choose online migrations, you will either use GoldenGate or Data Guard for the ongoing synchronization as new and changed data is introduced during the migration.

In the validate phase, all migration methods will validate that data moved. In addition to that, the Enterprise Manager solution also includes SQL Performance Analyzer in the workflow which will compare the performance of key SQL statements on both the original and migrated database.

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata validates that source and target databases are in sync. This is especially important during long migrations or in a complicated database implementation where multiple databases must stay in sync incrementally even during the migration.


Beyond ensuring data movement, SQL Performance Analyzer can prove operational readiness by comparing source versus target performance. For complex online migrations, Oracle GoldenGate Veridata guarantees that sources and targets are synchronized. GoldenGate Veridata and Enterprise Manager may require additional licensing.

  • Migration workflow solutions

    • OCI Database Migration
    • Zero Downtime Migration
    • Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench

    All solutions validate data and data object movement.

  • Enterprise Manager SQL Performance Analyzer

    Ensures the target database performs better than the source. Part of Oracle Real Application Testing.

  • GoldenGate Veridata

    Ensures that source and targets are synchronized.



理想的迁移方法须同时满足业务需求和技术需求。Oracle 提供多种自动化解决方案,通过嵌入式 Oracle 实用程序、Oracle Database 选件以及支持工具来为您简化和理顺升级与迁移工作流。此外,DBA 还可以使用 Oracle Database 实用程序来自定义,构建自己专属的迁移工作流。


“概览”示意图展示了在选择迁移方法时的主要考量因素以及业务和技术方面的规划要素。您可以选择自动化迁移,也可以选择 DIY 方法,自定义迁移过程。其中,Oracle 的迁移方法顾问和云迁移顾问工具将基于业务和技术规划要素,为您提供专业的迁移建议。



总体而言,Oracle 提供两类迁移方法,一类是全/部分自动化方法,另一类是支持 DBA 使用 Oracle 工具和技术编排自定义迁移工作流的 DIY 方法。

最后,如果您选择 Oracle 或其它第三方来为您实施迁移工作,整个迁移过程将更加简单。Oracle 和 Oracle 合作伙伴致力于为您提供专业支持和帮助。

迁移工作流和 OCI 目标

Oracle 迁移工作流能够可靠满足您的运营需求,无论简单还是复杂。无论源/目标数据库上的应用处于联机还是脱机状态,也无论应用在同一防火墙后方还是跨防火墙,您都可以轻松迁移。对于联机迁移,Oracle 将在迁移初始加载后,持续在目标数据库上应用增量变更。在实施逻辑迁移时,您还可以执行版本升级。

以下是示意图说明 您既可以选择物理迁移,也可以选择逻辑迁移;既可以执行联机迁移,也可以执行脱机迁移。Oracle 提供的目标 OCI Database 产品包括 Oracle Base Database Service、Oracle Exadata Database Service 和 Oracle Autonomous Database。当无法直接连接源数据库时,您可以使用 OCI Database Migration 和 Zero Downtime Migration,通过代理来连接。



  • 应用在迁移期间处于脱机状态
  • 一次操作即可复制整个数据库


  • 应用在迁移期间处于联机状态
  • 实时捕获并持续对目标数据库应用源数据库中的增量变更






  • 源和目标处于同一物理或虚拟网络内


  • 源和目标处于不同的网络内且可能位于防火墙后
  • 跨网络访问需使用安全代理

OCI Database Migration 的工作原理

OCI Database Migration 旨在将 Oracle Database 从本地部署或云端部署环境迁移到 OCI。其简单易用的图形化用户体验可帮助您轻松验证和管理迁移工作流。Database Migration 可以透明地使用 Oracle Zero Downtime Migration、Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT)、Oracle Data Pump 和 GoldenGate 服务,执行安全、容错的增量式迁移。

以下是示意图说明 OCI Database Migration 支持的源数据库包括本地部署数据库、基于 OCI 运行的数据库以及在其他供应商云端运行的数据库。使用 OCI Database Migration,用户首先要注册源数据库和目标数据库,选择脱机或联机迁移。随后,在验证阶段,CPAT 将评估源数据库和目标数据库的兼容性,查找潜在问题并提出相应的建议。在解决了所有问题后,Oracle Data Pump 将加载数据,对此用户可以使用 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage 作为中间存储,或在源数据库和目标数据库之间建立直接数据库链接。在联机情况下,初始加载完成后,用户可使用 GoldenGate 进行持续复制。

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration 的工作原理

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) 提供联机/脱机和物理/逻辑迁移工作流,支持内联版本升级。ZDM 支持命令行界面 (CLI) 和 REST API 两种执行方式。其中,逻辑迁移工作流内置了 Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool。您在使用 ZDM 时无需 Oracle Data Guard 或 GoldenGate 许可证。


本示意图展示了 Oracle 的零停机迁移系列解决方案的工作原理。

图片左侧部分展示了 ZDM 支持的源数据库和目标数据库。其中,源数据库包括本地部署 Oracle Database 以及 Oracle Exadata 和 OCI 数据库、Oracle Exadata Cloud Service、Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer。此外,ZDM 还支持基于 AWS 的 Oracle Database。

目标 OCI 数据库则包括 Oracle Autonomous Database、ADB-Exadata Cloud@Customer、Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer、Oracle Exadata Cloud Service 以及 Oracle Base Database Service。

图片中间部分展示了 ZDM 的 5 个主要步骤,分别是准备、初始加载、持续捕获和应用、最终切换和完成。

首先,在准备阶段,您需要手动或自动使用 Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool 来测试源数据库和目标数据库的兼容性。

其次,您需要选择迁移方法:如果选择物理迁移,需使用 Oracle Recovery Manager 执行初始加载,然后使用 Oracle Data Guard 执行持续同步;如果选择逻辑迁移,需使用 Oracle Data Pump 执行初始加载,然后使用 Oracle GoldenGate 执行持续同步。



Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench 的工作原理

Migration Workbench 提供了物理/逻辑迁移和脱机/联机迁移工作流,支持您通过图形用户界面、CLI 以及 REST API 进行管理。其中,Oracle Data Pump 工作流内嵌了 CPAT,Oracle Enterprise Manager(需获取许可证)包含 Migration Workbench 和 SQL Performance Analyzer。


Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench 可帮助您从 11g 到 21c 版本的容器/非容器数据库,从各种本地部署和云端数据库/平台轻松迁移到目标 OCI 数据库。其中,源数据库包括本地部署 Oracle Database(包括 Standard Edition 和 Enterprise Edition 以及 Exadata Database Machine),以及 OCI Database(包括 Base Data Service、Exadata Cloud Service 和 Exadata Cloud@Customer),目标 OCI Database 包括 Oracle Base Database Service、Oracle Exadata Cloud Service、Oracle Autonomous Database 以及 Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer。

您可以使用 Migration Workbench 选择源数据库和目标数据库,创建基于物理迁移或逻辑迁移方法的完整或部分数据库迁移工作流。选择物理迁移方法时,您需要使用 Oracle Data Pump。选择逻辑迁移方法时,您需要使用 Oracle Recovery Manager Transportable Tablespace。

在数据库验证阶段,您需要使用 Premigration Advisor 来分析源数据库与目标数据库的兼容性。它可以识别潜在问题内容,提出纠正建议。在消除了所有错误后,您就可以启动物理/逻辑迁移方法了。

当使用 Data Pump 时,源数据库中的数据和元数据将以加密格式导入到 OCI Object Storage(中间存储),然后从 OCI Object Storage 移动到目标数据库。

当使用 Transportable Tablespace 时,源数据库中的数据和元数据将通过 Recovery Manager 的备份功能导入到目标存储,然后由 Recovery Manager 还原到目标数据库。

对于迁移分析,Oracle 也提供了多种工具,可为您构建分步式迁移流程分析报告,提供迁移前和迁移后验证摘要信息和失败详情。

其中,SQL Performance Analyzer 将对比迁移前后,源数据库和目标数据库上的 SQL 性能,向您报告迁移带来的性能影响以及根本原因,并提供调优建议。SQL Performance Analyzer 是 Oracle Real Application Testing 套件的一部分,内嵌在 Migration Workbench 中。


Oracle Database 免费提供专业工具来帮助 DBA 管理数据库,包括开发和管理自定义迁移方案 — Oracle 自动化迁移解决方案也内置了这些工具。其中,Oracle GoldenGate 额外提供了联机迁移功能。请参阅常见问题解答,详细了解各种工具。

Database migration testimonials

  • Virginia ABC logo

    Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

    “Using Oracle Zero Downtime Migration, we were able to move multiple databases to OCI in a single weekend. It would have taken us at least two years and a lot of headaches to migrate them one by one.”

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    OCI Database Migration

    “Until OCI Database Migration service, we had to dedicate our most experienced DBAs to manage the variety of Oracle tools. With OCI DMS, all the setup, administration, validation, and workflow needed for zero downtime migrations is automated and happens behind the scenes.”

  • Wipro logo

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench

    “We rely on Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage our Oracle fleet of applications and database environments in the cloud and on-premises across the globe. We are excited about the new EM release that will further simplify migrating workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with improved visibility and better quality of service.”

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    Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench

    “In today’s hybrid IT environment, it’s crucial that customers not only be able to monitor and manage Oracle Databases across both cloud and on-premises, but also seamlessly to move them. The new Migration Workbench in Oracle Enterprise Manager should help customers make the database transition to cloud easier and with very high levels of confidence.”

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Oracle 提供的免费套餐无时间限制,包含了 Autonomous Database、Compute 和 Storage 等服务,另外还有 300 美元的免费储值,让您可以试用更多云技术服务。

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