SailGP uses Oracle to power team performance and fan experience

SailGP, sailing’s fastest racing league, relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deliver real-time data to the league’s eight national teams, broadcast partners, and fans worldwide. OCI helps teams optimize performance and give fans a thrilling new experience.

Analyzing 240,000 data points

SailGP uses OCI and Oracle Autonomous Database to stream real-time race metrics to athletes and fans. Doing so reduces the league’s costs and IT complexity while providing a deeper understanding of team and athlete performance. And using OCI supports the league’s goal to lower its carbon footprint.

Oracle gives us access to their incredible technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows us to access new insights much faster.

Russell Coutts, CEO, SailGP

SailGP’s implementation on OCI

To give athletes and fans real-time information, SailGP uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming and Oracle Stream Analytics to process and analyze 15,000 to 20,000 messages every 500 milliseconds. The data streams from the F50 catamarans through OCI FastConnect to an Oracle Cloud Region for viewing on the SailGP app and broadcast channels. At the same time, the data goes into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for analysis.


This image shows the architecture for how the SailGP sailing league gets data from sensors on the F50 catamarans, processes that data, and streams it out to media partners.

The architecture consists of an OCI region with a VCN that includes a public subnet and a private subnet.

In the private subnet, data is processed using these services:

  • Data flows from the F50 catamaran via a Fastconnect connection and a Dynamic Routing Gateway into a flexible virtual machine, then Oracle Stream Analytics, and into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Oracle Stream Analytics server collects the offloaded data from the data warehouse.
  • A MySQL server is also used for data processing and replication using legacy applications, and that data flows through Oracle GoldenGate Cloud service to replicate MySQL data in real-time to the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Security services include Oracle Identity and Access Management, Oracle Identity Cloud service, Oracle Cloud Guard, and Oracle Network Security Group.
  • Oracle REST data services expose the collected data from Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to media partners, with an arrow going from the REST Data Service in the private subnet to a flex load balancer in the public subnet.

In the public subnet:

  • The flex load balancer feeds data to media partners via an Internet gateway.

Object storage outside the VCN holds batch data.

Meeting sustainability goals

SailGP is striving to have all its race operations run on clean energy by 2025. The league relies on OCI to help it track energy usage and to let technologists operate systems remotely, so fewer people need to travel to competitions.

Data-powered training

OCI will power a new SailGP simulator to allow teammates to virtually race F50s from any location. Athletes will be able to use the simulator—which incorporates Season 1 and 2 data and visualization technology hosted by Oracle—to take the helm, wing trimmer, or flight controller positions and experience different setups and race conditions.


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