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Oracle Analytics Mobile

Don’t leave data behind when on the go. Stay connected and take action fast from a mobile device. The new Oracle Analytics mobile app gives business leaders, analysts, and IT a one-stop shop to find, open, and interact with high-quality, curated data analytics. Get smart alerts, and take action immediately. Analyze any data, anytime, anywhere.

Insights on the go—delivered on a smartphone

Download the Oracle Analytics Mobile app.

Find favorite content fast with the unified and familiar homepage—no training required.

Locate analytics workbooks with advanced search or browse content with the catalog explorer.

View analytics workbooks in a stacked layout for single-handed interactivity or in workbook layout that displays workbooks as they appear on the desktop.

Create new analytics workbooks by uploading datasets directly from the mobile device.

Play a podcast with a simple tap from the workbook dashboard for a hands-free consumption experience.

Mobile analytics overview

Unified homepage

Find insights—quickly and easily. A consistent user experience from Oracle Analytics Cloud to Oracle Analytics Mobile helps get to shared or personal data faster.

Visualize projects

Interact with data visualization projects intuitively. Change chart type, apply filters, pivot data, find insights and share with other individuals or teams.

Explore dashboards

Launch dashboards and reports to interact with analytical content.

Collaborate and share

Discover answers to business questions, share findings within the team, and collaborate to find new insights and make better, data-driven decisions.

Listen to data analytics podcasts

Stay connected with analytics when on the go. Listen to natural-language–generated audio narratives of the most salient points from reports, dashboards, and visualizations.

Upload datasets

Open or create a dataset from the mobile app, and start discovering insights right away.

January 17, 2023

A look at the reimagined Oracle Analytics mobile app

Jacques Vigeant, Senior Director, Product Management, Analytics Platform, Oracle

The new Oracle Analytics mobile app boasts an updated look and feel that makes it easier than ever to consume information on the go. A simplified login experience allows users to quickly connect without assistance from IT. Improved search and new catalog browser provide quick access to all reports and dashboards on the Oracle Analytics platform.

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