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Oracle Time and Labor – simple time card

Key features

  • Part of Oracle Cloud HCM enabling easy access to worker data
  • Start and stop time and/or duration of hours tracked for employees and contingent workers
  • Track time against jobs, assignments, locations, positions, payroll time types, or other information
  • Send time data to Oracle Payroll, third-party payrolls, or other business systems
  • Weekly and bi-weekly pay periods

Key benefits

  • Automated turnkey solution for backup time capture in the event of an outage of your third-party time and attendance system
  • Configuration guide for easy and quick implementation
  • Accurate time capture while primary system is unavailable to reduce pay errors and adjustments
  • Faster reconciliation once primary time and attendance system is restored

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Time and attendance systems are essential in paying hourly employees accurately and on time. It is important for organizations to have a redundancy application in place for this critical business process should a cybersecurity attack occur. Oracle Time and Labor provides a simple time card to enable Oracle Cloud HCM customers to accurately capture their employee and contingent workers’ time in the event of an outage with your third-party time and attendance system.

Deliver fast and simple back up time entry

Connected to core HR

Send up-to-date time data to any payroll system with a simple time card that is unified with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Quick deployment

Setup simple time card in a matter of hours to minimize the impact of an outage and reduce the burden on your payroll department.

Faster reconciliation

Reduce pay errors and adjustments with accurate time capture in the event that your primary time and attendance system has an outage.

Oracle Time and Labor - simple time card

Oracle Cloud HCM

Une solution complète qui connecte tous les processus de ressources humaines, de l’embauche à la retraite