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Oracle Retail Industry Forum

October 10 - 12, 2023
Intercontinental Hotel
Vienna, Austria.

Why Attend Oracle Retail Industry Forum, Vienna 2023?

Oracle Retail Industry Forum is a unique executive retail forum that connects brands from across Europe to share lessons learned, best practices, and innovative ideas about the future of Modern Retail. Networking activities are also offered for a more relaxed atmosphere where retailers can make lasting connections with their peers, share advice on how to solve common issues and stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

  • 100% retail-focused
  • Customer-delivered presentations
  • Networking with our valued sponsors
  • Provocative panel discussions on the latest trends in retail
  • Access to Oracle Retail subject matter experts, partner community, and executive team


Times shown in

Oracle Retail Industry Forum Registration Opens

  • Ballsaal Foyer

Welcome Reception & Dinner

  • Salons Vier Jahreszeiten/Kaunitz


  • Ballsaal Foyer

Networking Breakfast

  • Restaurant Parlor

The Evolution of the Oracle Retail Platform

  • Ballsaal Sektion 1-4

  • Speaker:
    Jeff Warren, Vice President: Global Retail Sales, Oracle Retail

Oracle Retail Data Store: A New Dimension of Productivity and Innovation

  • Speaker:
    Antony Wildey, Vice President, Global Sales Consulting, Oracle Retail
Networking Break
  • Ballsaal Foyer

Fireside Chat: Luxury Retailer

  • Speaker: TBC

Accelerating Adoption and Innovation

  • Speakers:
    Joao Lopes, Global Vice President of Customer Value, Oracle Retail
    Pedro Pacheco, Value Creation Director, Oracle Retail
    Sérgio Ferreira, Value Creation Director, Oracle Retail
    Duarte Veiga, Customer Value and Adoption Director, Oracle Retail
Networking Lunch
  • Restaurant Parlor

Omnichannel Innovation: Up Level the Customer Experience

  • Moderator:
    Rachel Henwood, Senior Director, Oracle Retail
  • Speakers:
    Jordan Simpson, Global Retail Operations Manager, Puig
    Florian Reremoser, Expert Retail Solutions and Technology, Swarovski

Boohoo Group plc: Leading online Fashion Group

  • Moderator:
    Jeff Warren, Vice President: Global Retail Sales, Oracle Retail
  • Speakers:
    Niamh Dugdale, Senior Product Operations Manager, Boohoo Group
    Marie Laskowski, Wholesale & Product Operations Director, Boohoo Group
Networking Break
  • Ballsaal Foyer

Flink: Online Grocery Takes the Fast Lane to Digital Transformation

  • Speakers:
    Peter Bröcker, VP Supply Chain and Processes, Flink
  • Lucas Rietz, Director of ERP and Processes, Flink

Continuous Innovation and Fresh Management

  • Speakers:
    Paul Woodward, Global Senior Director, Oracle Retail
  • Sérgio Ferreira, Value Creation Director, Oracle Retail

Walk to The Kursalon

Networking Dinner at The Kursalon

Networking Breakfast

  • Restaurant Parlor

Mr Price Group: Business Transformative Journey to Modernize Retail Infrastructure with Oracle Cloud

  • Speaker:
    Kim Sim, Chief Information Officer, Mr Price Group

Applying AI to Retail

  • Speakers:
    Joao Lopes, Vice President of Customer Value, Oracle Retail
  • Francesco Andriani, Retail Data Scientist, Oracle Retail
Networking Break
  • Restaurant Parlor

Closing General Session: The Power of the Community

  • Ballsaal Sektion 1-4

    Jamie Hack, Senior Director of Customer Success, Oracle Retail
  • Closing Comments:
    Jeff Warren, Vice President: Global Retail Sales, Oracle Retail

Closing Networking Lunch

  • Restaurant Parlor

Thank you to our sponsors






Key discussion points:

  • Explore innovations that can help bring you closer to your customer across every channel
  • Consider how data accuracy can drive speed to market
  • Learn how cloud technologies can help unleash business agility and unlock new possibilities

Oracle Retail RACK

View a series of quick demonstrations of key business capabilities.