Oracle Human Capital Management for HR Operations

Oracle Human Capital Management for HR Operations
HCM for Operations
Global HR
Global HR Global HR

Are you fully equipped to operate globally?

A complete global solution with multicountry capabilities enables you to streamline global processes, comply locally, and quickly adapt to organizational and legislative changes. The native social and mobile functionality helps you deliver even better service to the workforce.

Payroll Management
Payroll Management Payroll Management

Can you ensure efficient pay management?

Be assured of paying your workforce on time and according to global and local compensation rules. You can easily handle both simple and complex payroll needs.

Workforce Management
Workforce Management Workforce Management

Does your solution support your efforts to optimize workforce management?

Cut through the red tape of workforce management with a mobile and user-friendly platform that encourages accountability and compliance. Use a flexible and highly configurable framework to easily manage and monitor workforce productivity and absenteeism.

Diversity Management
Diversity Management Diversity Management

Do you have the capabilities in place to help ensure diversity?

Create diversity-focused recruitment programs, support employee social networks, and build training and development programs, all while managing and monitoring compliance.

Compensation Programs
Compensation Programs Compensation Programs

Can you retain top talent by analyzing and differentiating compensation?

Create differentiated compensation programs and align rewards to performance results so you can pay for performance while controlling your overall compensation spend.

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