Workforce Management

Align business strategy, reduce compliance risk, and deploy the workforce with greater control through a fully integrated HR solution that links time, labor, scheduling, and leave management with payroll, financial, and personnel data.

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Balance business, employee, and customer demands with Oracle Workforce Scheduling

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Shift management

Provide managers with real-time visibility into labor demand information and variances to help them create optimal schedules.

Worker self-scheduling

Let eligible workers determine which shifts they want to work, pick up, release, or swap with a qualified coworker.

Scheduling compliance

Stay compliant with complex regulations, such as fatigue management, seniority fairness, and schedule predictability requirements.

One experience across devices

Improve productivity, communication, and engagement by providing workers with one place to access everything they need to manage their schedules.

AI-powered labor optimization

Optimally automate shift creation and the assignment of available people with the right skills to meet expected demand.

Aligned demand

Prioritize multiple business needs at once, including demand for the best skill fit, budgeted hours, FTE hours, and employee preferences.

Complete workforce and customer data

Generate schedules and manage labor demand using connected HCM, ERP, SCM, CX, and industry-specific data.

Absence Management

Global coverage

Manage absences globally while enabling local customization and best practices.

Easy configuration

Easily configure rules, policies, accrual definitions, and absences without modifying the application code.

A unified HCM solution

Enable real-time visibility with a unified solution across absence, HR, payroll, and time and labor.

Absence data analytics

Reduce costs by tracking absence trends and areas of low productivity for optimization.

Time and Labor

Quick and easy data entry

Enter data through a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar, with full drag-and-drop capabilities.

Support across classifications

Use with all types of workers—including exempt, nonexempt, contingent, and project-based.

Robust hourly worker support

Account for meals, breaks, premiums (for example, consecutive shifts), penalties, schedules, and holiday pay.

Flexible scheduling

Plan for static schedules, holiday calendars, and rotating, split, or dynamic shifts.

A complete and unified solution

Avoid data latency with your primary HR system, and ensure data integrity with unification across HR processes.

Workforce Health and Safety

Workplace protection

Alert HR and key stakeholders of illness to react quickly and minimize exposure.

Incident reporting

Easily report incidents from any device, with prebuilt templates and autocompleted fields based on the worker’s role.

Incident management

Prevent potentially costly incidents with data captured on near misses, unsafe conditions, or unsafe acts.

Safety dashboards and KPIs

Gain better visibility on the attainment of safety objectives and take action on detected incident trends or patterns.

Oracle Cloud HCM helps you give deskless workers the experience they deserve.

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Workforce Management customer successes

Discover how our customers in a wide variety of industries use Oracle Workforce Management in their business.

Oracle Cloud Helps TrueBlue Unify Finance and HR

True Blue streamlines its back-end operations, improves productivity, and consolidates 20 disparate systems with one unified HCM solution.

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