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News and Opinion

What's New in the Next Generation of Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service


Oracle recently updated its Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service, which now features a new transaction-based pricing model—with no loss of ledger data or configuration information.

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Oracle Shakes Up Blockchain Cloud Service Pricing and Backup


According to Oracle's Frank Xiong, group vice president of Oracle Blockchain, the recent advances to the new Oracle Blockchain platform offers "a new level of dynamic scalability, high availability, and quick deployment for enterprise blockchain applications running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure."

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Oracle: Non Tutte le Blockchain Sono Uguali (Oracle: Not All Blockchains Are Created Equal)


The Italian publication Edge9 by Hardware Upgrade recently highlighted Oracle's unique blockchain technology and expertise. (In Italian)

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Blockchain Gets University Credit


Students at RMIT University (formerly known as Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Melbourne Technical College) are using Oracle Blockchain for a project in the nonprofit sector.

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How the Pandemic Is Pushing Blockchain Forward


Organizations including the World Health Organization, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and other tech companies, government agencies, and international health organizations are partnering in building the blockchain-based open data hub called MiPasa.

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Blockchain, Autonomous Tech Help Keep "Fair Fashion" in Style


To maintain that transparency and to better explain it to the company's customers, Jyoti - Fair Works, a small German "fair fashion" label, is using a blockchain software by retraced, a participant in the Oracle for Startups program, whose platform is powered by Oracle Blockchain Platform.

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Blockchain's Role in Battling the Novel Coronavirus


The World Health Organization, together with IBM, Oracle, and other organizations will deploy MiPasa, an open-data hub applying blockchain, to check the veracity and inconsistencies of data.

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CFO Mandate: Move from Reporting to Explaining and Predicting


According to the results of a survey conducted by Oracle and Enterprise Strategy Group, companies using emerging technologies to enhance their finance and supply chain operations report significant returns from their investments.

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Hyperledger Ecosystem Growth Strong as Members Make Headlines and Discuss Production Deployments at Hyperledger Global Forum 2020


Read the highlights from the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020. Oracle now offers customers a variety of options to deploy blockchain networks including on premise, in the customer's data center, and on third-party clouds.

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Blockchain's Prime Mover: What to Look for in a Track-and-Trace Application


A capability known as "track and trace" is emerging as a blockchain fundamental, especially in complex supply chains that depend on several tiers of collaborators.

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Firms Using Emerging Tech Like Blockchain Grow 80% Faster, New Study Claims


Cloud computing giant Oracle says blockchain and other emerging tech are providing companies with a competitive advantage in finance and supply chain tracking.

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Volvo Mines Blockchain to Keep Ethical Sourcing Promise


Ever since the Swedish car company launched the 2020 XC40 Recharge in October, Volvo has used blockchain technology to monitor the materials that go into the SUV's lithium-ion batteries.

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Fashion Blockchain Startup Retraced: "Building Trust Throughout the Entire Industry"


Germany-based fashion startup Retraced is using Oracle Blockchain Platform to provide a reliable platform to verify the materials used in the shoes it sells and enable transparent tracking of its supply chain.

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Blockchain Consortium Gains Steam in the Maritime Sector


CargoSmart and Oracle recently partnered to develop the Global Shipping Business Network blockchain consortium—a decentralized, multiparty, fully managed, enterprise-grade blockchain network that enables trust, while maintaining the confidentiality of the commercial relationships as required by shipping industry regulations.

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Oracle Selects First 20 Startups for Chainlink Blockchain Project


Oracle selected 20 startups for a blockchain innovation project with Chainlink to develop new solutions to further the smart contract ecosystem.

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Oracle and N2N Services Team Up for Blockchain-Secure Student Credentials


Using blockchain technology, Oracle and N2N Services have partnered to create EduChain—a personal ledger solution—to help protect the integrity of student transcripts and mitigate the prospect of human error during the accreditation process.

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OChain's dStorage Teams Up with Oracle Blockchain to Provide a Single Source of Truth for Hyperledger Fabric Data


0Chain LLC is collaborating with Oracle to provide Hyperledger Fabric customers with a solution to use 0Chain dStorage as a trusted party for file-based transactions that require data validation from endorsers. The relationship between Oracle and OChain will help customers migrate their entire set of existing applications to the blockchain more seamlessly.

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Oracle Teams with CargoSmart on Ocean Cargo Blockchain Initiative


Supply Chain Management Review provides a preview of Oracle OpenWorld, including the collaboration between Oracle Blockchain and CargoSmart.

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Volvo Cars, China in First Blockchain Project for Recycled Cobalt


With blockchain technology powered by Oracle, Volvo Cars tracked cobalt from a Chinese recycling plant to Volvo Cars Zhejiang over a two-month period to ensure full transparency and traceability of its supply chain.

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Oracle Building A "Virtuous Cycle of Innovation" With Startups Through ChainLink and Blockchain


Forbes spotlights Chainlink's partnership with the Oracle for Startups program, which works with startups and innovators across the globe, regardless of their location or technology.

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Oracle Blockchain Platform Helps Big Businesses Incorporate Blockchain


Frank Xiong, group vice president of Oracle Blockchain, discusses how Oracle's blockchain platform is "industry neutral" and "enterprise-grade," with the capabilities to scale and support large operations spanning many different industries.

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Oracle Blockchain Expert Shares How Blockchain Can Deliver Safer Food


Blockchain Tech News sits down with Oracle Blockchain Product Development Group Vice President Frank Xiong to discuss how blockchain technology is being used to improve food safety through accurate food tracking from farm to plate.

Oracle Uses Blockchain to Solve a Billion-Dollar Food Industry Program


Oracle entered a partnership with the World Bee Project to leverage cloud and blockchain technologies to better understand the decline in global bee populations.

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WISeCoin AG Becomes One of the First External Trusted Identity Providers on Oracle


Using the WISeKey cryptographic key infrastructure, Oracle's clients can securely conduct business transactions on the Oracle Blockchain Platform.

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Oracle Blockchain Is in the Honey Supply Chain


Oracle partnered with the World Bee Project to introduce blockchain technology to the honey supply chain, guaranteeing honey produced is from ecological and sustainable sources.

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Oracle Advances Its Two-Pronged Cloud Strategy


Oracle recently announced that it will combine more than 18 related analytics products under a single umbrella "Oracle Analytics" making it easier for users to develop their content and address their specific needs.

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In Blockchain They Trust


The CANO footwear company uses Oracle Blockchain Platform to trace every step in the manufacture of each pair of shoes—from the origin of the raw materials to the craftspeople in Mexico. An NFC chip embedded in each shoe enables customers to verify the authenticity of the materials and methods used to make its handcrafted leather products.

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What Are the Benefits of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management? 12 Experts Share Their Insights


In Disruptor Daily, Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of Oracle IoT and blockchain applications development, discusses the benefits that blockchain could provide for supply chain management.

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From Olive Oil to Refugees: Oracle Highlights the Possibilities of Blockchain


Oracle Vice President of Blockchain Product Development Frank Xiong describes how blockchain technology is moving beyond just supporting the financial services industry and is now used successfully in many other fields, including supply chain management.

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Oracle Introduces Supply Chain Tracking Blockchain Solution


Oracle introduced Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, a blockchain application that can be integrated with enterprise applications such as supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer experience platforms, and the Internet of things.

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Ensuring Ethical Practices with Oracle Blockchain Platform


London-based Circulor is using Oracle Blockchain Platform to help companies ensure that the raw materials in their products are sourced ethically and in compliance with regulations by tracing materials through the entire supply chain.

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Oracle Blockchain Director: Stacking Technologies Is the Real Key to Adoption


Anant Kadiyala, senior director of blockchain and IoT in the industry solutions group, discusses how, despite making inroads into the business world, blockchain technology needs just one ingredient in a technological cocktail to revolutionize the industry.

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Blockchain Records Are Forever in Opaque Diamond Market


The technology startup Everledger is leveraging Oracle Blockchain Platform and other emerging technology to sell a more surefire and immutable way to track diamonds’ roots and worth to build a shared and tamperproof digital ledger of the stones.

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Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies


Forbes profiles 50 companies, including Oracle, that are leading the way in adapting decentralized ledgers to assist with their customers’ operating needs.

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Blockchain Could Be Used By at Least 50% Of All Companies Within 3 Years, Oracle Exec Says


Ten years after the idea of blockchain was conceived, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies is starting to be used to track goods.

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Oracle Blockchain Platform Now Part of Everledger’s Provenance Tracking Solution


Oracle’s Blockchain platform is now available as part of Everledger’s blockchain-based solution, giving users the ability to shadow blockchain transactions into a relational database and making it easier to run analytics.

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As 'Cold Chains' Heat Up, Blockchain and IoT Provide Needed Framework


Companies are increasingly turning to blockchain distributed ledger technology to automate the monitoring of a supply chain’s many starts, stops, and handoffs—and remove the human factor from that decision loop as much as possible.

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3 Ways Blockchain Is a Supply Chain's Best Friend


Blockchain is gaining relevance to track supply chain anomalies, such as food contamination and counterfeit merchandise, and moving into new support areas such as regulatory compliance, supplier performance management, and trade finance.

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Oracle: On The World's Data Lake, A Blockchain Swan


As more large technology providers move into the blockchain domain, Oracle's broad cross-industry blockchain integration serves as the source of its advantage over the competition. According to Forbes, Oracle may be the firm to beat as the enterprise blockchain wars heat up.

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Why Do I Need Blockchain If I Have a Database?


With so much excitement around blockchain’s business potential, project planners must resist the urge to use this emerging technology for problems that don’t fit. Instead, they must identify the right use cases for blockchain or continue to use their database.

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Oracle Adds New DevOps Capabilities to Blockchain Platform


Oracle is adding new features to Oracle Blockchain Platform, making it easier for developers to integrate their blockchain applications with existing business and IT systems.

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Beyond the Hype: 4 Ways Blockchain Can Benefit Corporate IT


From improved transparency to better control over data, IT Toolbox details the ways that blockchain technology is proving useful for the enterprise right now.

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In Blockchain We Trust


In a special report, Smart Manufacturing magazine investigates the technology behind the rise of cryptocurrencies, which is widely expected to bring 'a common source of truth' to manufacturing.

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Ensuring that minerals in your iPhone are ethically sourced


Oracle blockchain platform powers Circulor's conflict minerals tracing solution for ethical sourcing of tantalum for capacitors and cobalt for electric car batteries.

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Chinese Luxury Ecommerce Platform Secoo to Utilize Blockchain Technology with Oracle Partnership


Secoo, a Chinese online retailer of luxury goods, will be using Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to better serve its 20 million high-end customers by increasing trustworthiness of the origin for its luxury goods brands.

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5 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Higher Education


Kevin Roebuck, director of digital experience for education and research for Oracle's Industry Solutions Group, discusses how the education field will change as a result of blockchain and other technologies.

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A 'Serverless', Blockchain World? Yes, But Let's Get Oracle Customers Cloud Native First


Chad Arimura, Oracle vice president of serverless advocacy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure development, has a vision of a world where blockchain and serverless computing combine so that functions can be downloaded from a marketplace and run on any cloud.

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Inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum Showcases Strong Community Momentum


The first-ever Hyperledger Global Forum drew more than 650 attendees from as far as Australia and Argentina for an extended conversation about the state of open source enterprise blockchain and vision for the Hyperledger community and technologies.

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New Call Roaming Projects Demonstrate Blockchain's Disruptive Character


Bernard Schwab, director of Oracle's Global Communications industry solutions, discusses how blockchain is poised to play a significant role in telecom, particularly in roaming, which is the hand-off of a call or data session from one network provider to another.

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Here’s How Blockchain Can Return Confidence to Australia’s Food Industry


It has been a challenging year for Australia’s food industry. News of needles in strawberries and fake honey—has put the livelihoods of farmers and the industry’s broader reputation at stake. Could blockchain technology bring greater transparency to an incredibly complex food supply chain?

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Oracle Blockchain Applications Provide Visibility Through the Supply Chain


Oracle recently unveiled the new Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud, a new suite of use-case-specific software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to improve transparency by allowing users to track products on a distributed ledger all the way through the supply chain.

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Advantages of Oracle's New Block Chain Apps Explained in Exclusive Interview


Rick Jewell, Oracle senior vice president for supply chain and manufacturing cloud applications, offered an exclusive interview with Supply Chain Management Review. He discussed the recent release of Oracle Blockchain applications and why they are relevant in supply chain management to better track transactions outside of their organizational boundaries.

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Blockchain Applications Cloud Launched at OpenWorld 2018


Further demonstrating its commitment to blockchain, Oracle has launched a business-ready, cloud SCM application suite built with Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service.

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New Oracle AI, Blockchain Apps Target Key ERP Workflows


During Oracle OpenWorld 2018, the company made its case for leading the tech industry push for "intelligent" ERP with a fresh crop of AI applications. It also unveiled four blockchain applications, including the ability to trace goods through the supply chain.

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Why the 'Patient-Centered Supply Chain' Is Critical to the Future of Healthcare


Michael Walker, global lead for healthcare in Oracle's Industry Solutions Group, discusses how healthcare executives are adopting supply chain best practices from other industries to create a more patient-centric experience.

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