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Domande di tendenza

Power Business Innovation with a Self-Service Cloud Data Warehouse

Americas on 14 April at 12 p.m. ET

The full power of your data is now within reach for your entire organization. Discover the self-service capabilities Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has to enable analysts, citizen data scientists, and line-of-business users deliver results faster, accelerating insights and time-to-market.

We’ll show you how easy it is to get started with a next generation cloud data warehouse and how business users can take advantage of a complete integrated tools suite for data ingest, insights and machine learning without help from experts. Organizations of all sizes can lower costs while more rapidly gaining maximum value from their data.

Event highlights:

  • Explore how a self-service data warehouse, and automated insights can make your business users more self-reliant
  • See how line of business users can quickly move from loading data to generating consistent results with self-service BI tools of their choice
  • Learn how Certegy reduced risk with predictive insights to empower 25 risk analysts and data scientists to be more self-reliant


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Welcome and Introduction

Keynote: Achieving the Promise of Self Service for the Line of Business

Janet will explore the promise of self-service insights in the line of business. She will discuss how the self-service data warehouse, automated insights, finally realizes the promise of making the business self-reliant. She will show how IT, rather than spending time on lower-level administrative tasks in support of departmental data warehouses, can now focus on adding additional value to the business.

  • Janet George

    Group Vice President
    Autonomous Enterprise Transformation

Self-service analytical data mart in the cloud: Live demo

See how to build and operate a complete self-service data mart. Sam will show how analysts, developers and data scientists can take advantage of a complete suite of integrated tools for data ingest, analytics and machine learning. Without having to rely on IT or other experts for help, the line of business can now move quickly from loading data to generating consistent results with their self-service BI tools of choice.

  • Sam Heinrich

    Associate Consultant
    Oracle Strategy and Transformation

Customer Spotlight: Certegy

Certegy, a leader in check payment services of more than $40B for over 4,000 clients and 23 of top 50 US retailers will share how they empowered 25 risk analysts and data scientists to strategize and share interactive reports. Learn how they used the self-service capabilities of Autonomous Data Warehouse, Spatial analysis, Machine learning and analytics to reduce fraud detection by 10% and improve customer service 10% and improve customer service with fewer declined transactions.

  • Eric Probst

    Senior Manager, Fraud Prevention
    Certegy Payment Solutions

  • Scott Wiesner

    Director, Product Management,
    Oracle Database

Getting Started & Next Steps

Learn about reference architectures, self-paced workshops, and best practices to get you started.

Event Speakers

Eric Probst Senior Manager, Fraud Prevention
Certegy Payment Solutions

Eric Probst is a Sr. Manager in the Risk Department at Certegy Payment Solutions. Eric has served Certegy for 15 years in the Risk Department, working his way from Analyst to his current position.

Michael Connaughton Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, EMEA Divisional Technology, Oracle

Michael Connaughton is the Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, in Europe, Middle East and Africa. His focus is on helping drive competitive advantage for Customers, Partners and Oracle. He particularly enjoys challenging ‘conventional wisdom’ and exploring what business benefits can be achieved through the creative use of enhanced information management and analytics.

Janet George Group Vice President
Autonomous Enterprise Transformation

Janet is the Group Vice President of Autonomous Enterprise Transformation at Oracle, solving for business outcomes with Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Including deep neural networks and Cognitive Automation for key customers.

Scott Wiesner Director, Product Management, Oracle Database

Scott is responsible for customer-focused, go-to-market strategies for Oracle Database products and services,including the unmatched capabilities of the Oracle Autonomous Database. With over 25 years of high-tech experience, across Solution Engineering, Alliances, Sales, and Development, Scott strives to be the conduit between customers and development, solving customer business challenges and consistently driving value. Scott lives near Santa Cruz, California, with his wife, two teenage daughters, and a good old yellow lab. In his spare time,Scott enjoys travel, golf, and surfing.

Sam Heinrich Associate Consultant, Oracle Strategy and Transformation

Sam Heinrich is an Associate Consultant at Oracle. He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Statistics and a minor in Operations Research & Information Engineering.