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MySQL HeatWave Migration Program

Confidently migrate to MySQL HeatWave using a proven end-to-end approach. Access free step-by-step guides outlining best practices and technical training resources, as well as expert guidance from Oracle engineers and Oracle partners.

Migrate to MySQL HeatWave with confidence in 5 easy steps

Migration overview, details below
  1. Discover and Assess

    1. 1 Inventory data using MySQL Shell
    2. 2 Assess databases to be migrated
    3. 3 Estimate storage, compute, and memory needs
  2. Plan Migration

    1. 4 Consult stakeholders
    2. 5 Create a project plan accounting for existing and new anticipated analytics workloads
    3. 6 Share recommendations and timelines
  3. Provision and Configure

    1. 7 Provision a compute instance
    2. 8 Configure networking and object storage
    3. 9 Provision and configure MySQL HeatWave
  4. Export and Load Data

    1. 10 Export source database and upload data to object store
    2. 11 Verify export
    3. 12 Import the exported data into MySQL HeatWave
  5. Test and Launch

    1. 13 Verify import success
    2. 14 Perform validation tests
    3. 15 Launch MySQL HeatWave

Free step-by-step migration guides

MySQL HeatWave delivers the simplicity of transactions, real-time analytics, and machine learning (ML) in one database service, eliminating the cost and complexity of separate analytics databases, such as Amazon Redshift and Snowflake; ML services; and extract, transform, and load (ETL) duplication. Download our complimentary migration kits below.

Migrate from your on-premises MySQL database to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) by using our migration guides, planning resources, and expert help to guide you through each step of your journey.

Migrate from Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for MySQL to MySQL HeatWave on OCI or AWS by using our migration guides, planning resources, and expert help to guide you through each step of your journey.

Migrate from Amazon Aurora to MySQL HeatWave on OCI or AWS by using our migration guides, planning resources, and expert help to guide you through each step of your journey.

Customer successes: migrations to MySQL HeatWave on OCI and AWS

Tetris.co gained real-time marketing insights by migrating to MySQL HeatWave on OCI

The Brazilian marketing technology company dramatically accelerated analytical queries and reduced costs by more than 50%.

Johnny Bytes migrated to MySQL HeatWave on AWS, consolidating data processing and analytics

The digital agency saw 60X to 90X faster queries, delivering targeted ads in real time and doubling click-through rates.

Bionime migrated to MySQL HeatWave on AWS for 50X faster complex queries

By consolidating data processing and analytics, this medical device manufacturer accelerated application development to improve diabetes self-monitoring.

Centroid simplifies and scales data analytics by migrating to MySQL HeatWave on AWS

Without changing any code, MySQL HeatWave on AWS doubled the data processing performance and increased analytical queries 15X to 20X faster.

Tamara migrated to MySQL HeatWave on OCI to scale business quickly

This fintech startup from Saudi Arabia saw 3X greater performance and 60% lower costs compared with another cloud provider, growing its client base to more than 2 million users and onboarding 3,000 merchants.

FANCOMI accelerated ad analytics by 10X by migrating to MySQL HeatWave on OCI

Japan’s leading advertising network delivered real-time insights and significantly reduced costs after migrating to MySQL HeatWave.

Migrate with assistance from a MySQL partner

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