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Artificial Intelligence Customer Stories

The University of Adelaide logo

The University of Adelaide Leverages AI to Empower the Student Experience


The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide uses AI-powered chatbots to improve the student experience while reducing contact center activity by 40%.

Exelon logo

Exelon Readies AI-Driven Chatbots for Millions of Customers



This Fortune 100 utilities company plans to reach millions of customers using Oracle’s AI-driven chatbots.

Accenture logo

Accenture Delivers AI Innovation to Clients



Accenture helps clients connect AI chatbots with Oracle SaaS to provide a seamless user experience.

IDenTV logo

IDenTV Revolutionizes Multimedia Understanding with Oracle AI



IDenTV uses Oracle AI to deliver value faster when analyzing multimedia and big data video content.

Snap Tech logo

Snap Tech and Oracle AI Change the Way the World Searches


Snap Tech

With Oracle AI, Snap Tech can scale their visual search platform at higher speed while reducing costs and deployment time.

Macty logo

Macty Enhances the Customer Experience with Oracle AI



Macty and Oracle AI deliver customer-friendly visual search using technologies such as computer vision and natural language processing.

Zagrebacka Bank logo

Zagrebacka Bank Increases Cash Loans by 15% in 18 Months Using Oracle Machine Learning


Zagrebacka Bank

With Oracle Machine Learning, Zagrebacka Bank transformed traditional predictive analytics into a seamless—and far more efficient—process.

NHS logo

NHS Provides Impactful Patient Care with Oracle Machine Learning



With Oracle Machine Learning, the NHS Business Services Authority has optimized patient care while saving about UK €700 million.

CaixaBank logo

CaixaBank Improves Real-Time Customer Experience Using Oracle Machine Learning and Big Data



Watch how CaixaBank analyzes customer insights from interconnected data sources with Oracle Machine Learning.

Qualex Consulting Services logo

Qualex Consulting Services Improves the Fan Experience with AI and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse


Qualex Consulting Services, Inc.

Qualex Consulting Services streamlines the sports fan experience with AI-driven insights from Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

The Hertz Corporation logo

Hertz Delivers Value Faster with the AI-Powered Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse


The Hertz Corporation

The Hertz Corporation cuts database set-up time from weeks to minutes using the AI capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

OUTFRONT Media logo

OUTFRONT Media Transforms Mobile Advertising with AI and Oracle Big Data



OUTFRONT Media uses Oracle’s big data platform and AI-based streaming analytics to provide relevant advertising assets for customers.

Daiwa Capital Markets logo

Daiwa Finds a Complete Big Data and AI Solution with Oracle


Daiwa Capital Markets

Daiwa Capital Markets chose Oracle Big Data as a total AI-driven solution and received education for both technical and business users.

California Department of Conservation logo

The California Department of Conservation Drills Down with Oracle Big Data and AI Analytics


California Department of Conservation

Using Oracle Big Data’s AI-based analytics, the California Department of Conservation found the needle in the haystack for fraudulent oil production.