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Accelerating What’s Next in Retail Innovation

Amidst constant industry disruption, cloud and AI-based platforms hold the key for retailers looking to break down silos and personalize the buyer experience. Deloitte and Oracle bring the experience and technology to enable today’s retailers to connect all points of the customer data supply chain in a single unified and automated platform, allowing retailers to focus on what is truly important to customers and the methods with which they interact.

Exclusively from MIT Technology Review Insights: Accelerating Retail Personalization At Scale

In collaboration with MIT Technology Review Insights, Deloitte and Oracle explore how today’s retailers are breaking down silos and and creating holistic, personalized shopping experiences at scale through AI, advanced analytics, and other emerging uses of technology.

Webcast | Retail Leadership Outlook: Accelerating Personalization & Innovation at Scale

Deloitte and Oracle industry leaders discuss how retailers can leverage today’s technology with the power of AI to gain key insights that enable highly personalized offerings and enhance the experience across the entire customer journey.

Delivering the Next Generation of Retail Solutions

Technology is rapidly evolving and the ability to collect, curate, analyze and make intelligent decisions from oceans of granulated customer data is enabling retailers to meet customer needs, anticipate demands, and forecast trends like never before.

With a combination of innovative new technologies and access to customer data and insights, choosing the right technology platform, together with an experienced partner to drive your customer-centric transformation, is imperative. Deloitte has collaborated with Oracle to deliver a modern platform, utilizing a proven methodology and approach, enabling retailers to modernize aging technology and adopt leading practices for a customer-centric approach to merchandising.

Deloitte’s proven methodology and approach to implementing Oracle’s extensive portfolio of technology is uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of retail solutions.

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A Customer-Centric Vision for Retail

Delivering What’s Next in Retail Innovation

Is your organization ready for the future of Retail? When you work with Deloitte and Oracle, you are creating a platform for acceleration, ideation, and transformation in your retail organization. You are harnessing deep industry experience, innovative technologies, and powerful solutions. You are creating a better future – for your organization, your people, and your customers. The next big idea, the next iteration and the next competitive advantage are closer than you think with Deloitte and Oracle. Accelerate the future of retail transformation with confidence and start your modernization journey today.

Deloitte and Oracle delivering what’s next in retail innovation

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