Retail Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides a complete cloud infrastructure platform for retailers to strengthen their merchandising core, create efficient warehouses that improve inventory visibility, and consolidate customer and purchase data for more effective decision making. OCI is available globally and offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services for any retail workload, from cloud native applications to high-volume enterprise workloads, to help retailers innovate and accelerate their business.

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Architect a data lakehouse to analyze retail data.

Designed to simplify retail operations

Establish a more scalable, resilient foundation for global inventory

Merchandising is essential and core to business growth and daily operations. Bring enterprise applications, including Oracle Retail Merchandising System, to the cloud to improve performance, reliability, speed, and security. With full production in the cloud, retailers can maintain real time inventory visibility and expedite intra-day sales batch performance.

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Handle high transaction volume with a database built for the cloud

Retailers require resilient, scalable databases to consistently process transactions and support highly available applications. Deliver an always- on, low-latency customer experience during peak shopping with Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Service. Or run Oracle Autonomous Database for transaction processing, data warehousing, and JSON. Seamlessly move the most demanding databases to the cloud with no changes to applications.

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Transform warehouse management

Retailers need to move with agility and speed to meet increasingly complex omnichannel demands. Warehouse Management Software (WMS) in the cloud maximizes resilience and scalability. Powered by OCI, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud and our ISV partners—Körber and Manhattan Associates—are transforming supply chains by creating efficient warehouses that provide a single view of inventory and transaction data, allowing retailers to react in real time.

Operate a hybrid or multicloud architecture

Retailers can support distributed application workloads by using OCI FastConnect to connect on-premises locations or other public clouds directly to OCI through dedicated, private, low-latency connections. Data residency requirements can be addressed with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer or Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Evaluate cloud deployment models

“Not all clouds are built equal, and for our most data-intensive and mission-critical workloads OCI has proven to be optimal.”

Ravi Balwada

Chief Technology Officer, Guitar Center

Make first-party data a competitive advantage

Retailers must understand their customers and their experience to delight them, drive revenue, increase lifetime value, attract new customers, and innovate. A lakehouse architecture lets retailers implement a purposeful data strategy to reach their target audience.

Start with a single view of inventory and supply chain

The expansion of omnichannel has driven the complexity of inventory management, order management, and fulfillment. A lakehouse architecture gives retailers a unified and real-time view of inventory to understand exactly how much and where items are across their enterprise.

Optimize performance across the organization

Retailers are more connected than ever, yet their data is often disconnected and sits within different parts of the organization. With a lakehouse architecture, retailers can increase insights across the entire organization.

Use data and AI to optimize all aspects of staffing

Retailers face big challenges trying to attract new workers, retain top talent, and forecast workforce needs. A lakehouse architecture lets HR and business leaders better use actionable insights to keep employees engaged, happy, and growing.

Set up a private interconnection between Microsoft Azure and OCI regions

Migrate to the cloud or build cloud native applications by using the secure, low-latency interconnection between Microsoft Azure and OCI.

Learn about architecting retail applications on OCI

Deploy Oracle Retail Merchandising System applications by either moving an environment from on-premises—lift and shift—to the cloud or creating a new environment on OCI. Gain scalability and resiliency without having to rearchitect.

Automate the setup of web applications in a secure, PCI-compliant environment

Organizations that process, transmit, or store payment card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) on an ongoing basis. Retail merchants, as well as payment card service providers, must attest to compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS annually.

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