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Thrive on your technology and data competitive advantage to drive sustainable growth. Rewire to gain more operational efficiency, shift to business model innovation, evolve to meet changing customer needs, and become a people-first financial services institution with Oracle’s AI-driven applications and cloud services.

Oracle Financial Services industry spotlight

  • The Tech Imperatives Banks Need to Focus on Now

    The marching orders are clear: Relieve profit pressure, speed products to market, tackle regulations, and reduce risk.
  • The Intelligent Bank

    Shift toward a radically new business model that goes beyond the “utility bank,” one that allows you to thrive on your AI and data competitive advantage to outpace the competition in an increasingly digital and automated financial landscape.
  • Bank Failures: 7 Potential Regulatory Responses to Anticipate Now

    Get the latest on what our experts think is likely to happen next and how to prepare.
  • Multicloud in the Mainstream: S&P 2023 Report

    A global survey with more than 1,500 respondents found that the pandemic accelerated cloud infrastructure and multicloud adoption, enabling more innovation and cost optimization.

Find financial services solutions by sector

Retail banking

Meet your customers’ needs at each moment in their journey with meaningful insights, tailor-made products, and omnichannel experiences.

Corporate banking

Clear the path to capital clarity. Provide corporate customers with real-time liquidity views and customized lending options.

Health insurance

Deliver a simplified, transparent member experience by streamlining enrollment and boosting claims auto-adjudication.

Life insurance

Elevate the customer experience by unifying underwriting, policy processing, billing, and claims on a single platform.

Change how your customers experience banking and insurance

    • Retail banking

      Bring more flexibility and efficiency to your core banking operations, from new customer onboarding and loan origination to payments, lending, and collections. Eliminate manual activities to cut costs and risk.

    • Oracle Banking Cloud Services

      Leverage componentized and composable services that deliver preintegrated, SaaS-based, cloud native versions of Oracle's industry-leading banking solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    • Corporate banking

      Better position your corporate customers to manage global operations. Deliver compelling solutions for corporate credit and lending, cash and liquidity management, treasury management, trade finance, and supply chain finance.

    • Oracle FLEXCUBE

      Offer more new products and spend less with Oracle’s banking software—a core platform that’s designed to work off the shelf. Implement a single system and get comprehensive capabilities across all banking functions.

    • Oracle Banking Payments (PDF)

      Increase straight-through processing and lower your cost per payment with a single hub for processing and settlement. Use our built-in rules engine to automate complex processing and choose the best route for domestic and cross-border transactions or specify your desired payment network.

    • Payments transformation (PDF)

      Build your own partner ecosystem and offer new services that set your institution apart. From ERP integration to Siri and Alexa payments, tap into a library of more than 1,800 APIs built for Oracle’s banking suite.

    • Payment innovation (1:33)

      Give your customers real-time views of their cash positions and payment status with rich analytics made possible by using SWIFT ISO 20022 as the open payments standard in our digital payments solution.

    • Health insurance

      Deliver a great experience for members. Simplify enrollments, premium billing, and claims adjudication with a digital insurance platform. Administer and automate new provider contract models so your members benefit from lower costs and a higher quality of care.

    • Life insurance

      Consolidate underwriting, policy processing, billing, and claims for individual and group insurance, all on a single insurance management system. Streamline operations to reduce operational costs, and gain flexibility to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

    • Bancassurance

      Easily support the entire bancassurance lifecycle with real-time connectivity between banks and insurers to accelerate every step of the process, from the point of sale to policy servicing and commission reconciliation.

    • Insurance customer experience

      Automate processes and deliver tailored policyholder responses while balancing self-service and assisted customer service models on a digital insurance platform. Allow customers to buy insurance and receive service when and where they need it.

    • Finance modernization

      Revitalize finance transformation and profitable growth for banks and insurers with the latest insights in data science and technology.

    • Data solutions

      Deploy financial services analytics to improve data access and usage across risk, finance, treasury, compliance, and line-of-business teams with a single source of truth.

    • Profitability and balance sheet management

      Price products to reflect their true risk. Track profitability trends and cost structures and analyze customer profitability in real time. Better understand the drivers of liquidity, capital adequacy, and market rate volatility.

    • Risk management solutions

      Plan timely responses with integrated risk management across the organization. Evaluate drivers of credit, market, and liquidity risk. Manage key risk indicators and their related impact.

    • Regulatory and accounting solutions

      Be prepared with automated, accurate financial and regulatory reporting. Integrate data, models, systems, and processes across risk and finance.

    • Accounting Data Foundation

      Streamline your financial institution’s current accounting processes and reconcile the general ledger with instrument or policy ledgers by providing the accounting platform with detailed event-, transaction-, and instrument-level data from core banking and insurance systems.

    • IFRS 17/LDTI solutions

      Accelerate your path to compliance with prebuilt data, modeling, and reporting tools. Choose an approach that effectively implements risk-aware accounting.

    • ERP solutions

      Model and plan across finance, treasury, and planning teams from a single instance of data to streamline the financial close process and drive better decisions. Use machine learning to automate reconciliation and flag anomalies for human review.

    • Customer due diligence

      Identify money launderers and comply with customer due diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations throughout the customer lifecycle with our anti–money laundering (AML) software. Quickly and accurately assess risk and compare customers to global sanctions and watchlists. Onboard good customers quickly and seamlessly.

    • Transaction monitoring

      Identify unusual customer behavior and suspicious money movements. Our anti–money laundering solutions have advanced analytics and scenarios built and proven for the financial services industry.

    • AML investigation

      Use AI-powered, institutionwide investigation and case management to uncover criminal networks. Spend more time investigating truly suspicious activities instead of sifting through false positives.

    • Oracle Financial Services Data Foundation

      Unite previously siloed internal data for a complete customer view and lower costs. Run applications on your data lake and relational databases together, and perform batch and real-time analytics.

    • Financial services—banking

      We help corporate banking, retail banking, and other financial services players compete and thrive in an ever-changing world with end-to-end pricing and billing solutions.

    • Healthcare payers

      Our enterprise pricing and billing system provides transparency, efficiency, consolidation capabilities, and scalability to serve all a payer’s lines of business.

    • Payments enterprises

      We help cut through complexity and unlock growth potential for payments enterprises with an integrated pricing and billing platform that delivers a single source of truth.

    • Customer experience solutions in action

      Make every customer interaction matter by connecting all your business data across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service while complying with all financial industry standards and regulations.

    • Oracle Marketing

      Link customer behaviors, transactions, and demographics across marketing, sales, service, and your back-office applications to create the next great experience.

    • Digital banking experiences

      Build the digital experiences your retail customers will come back for and your corporate customers demand. Empower customers to transact and discover new products in their preferred channels.

    • Oracle Service

      Balance self-service and assisted customer service that solves problems faster and builds meaningful relationships on your customers’ preferred interaction channels.

    • Oracle Human Resources

      Plan, manage, and optimize your people processes with one common data source. Build global consistency at every stage of the employee lifecycle while configuring workflows to meet your needs and localizing user interfaces.

    • Oracle Journeys

      Adapt your HR practices to a new generation of team members. Deliver an experience that’s personalized, contextual, guided, and accessible from anywhere. From their first day on the job, give your people a single location where they can find answers and grow their careers.

    • Oracle Recruiting

      Create simple, friendly experiences for candidates to apply for jobs. Use AI-guided digital assistants to instantly answer their questions. Identify the best-fit talent with automatic recommendations of those candidates whose profiles match both the job requisition and the profiles of successful employees in similar roles.

    • Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

      Financial institutions have diverse human resources needs across regional and global workforces. Centralize HR operations across the business with a single source of truth, making it easier to take a consistent approach to your workforce decisions and quickly plan and restructure as conditions change.

    • Why Oracle apps run best on Oracle Cloud

      Rapidly deploy the entire suite of Oracle’s banking products and risk and finance applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) thanks to exclusive, automated migration configurations that match current on-premises architecture designs.

    • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

      Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service delivers breakthrough performance, scale, elasticity, and economics for your database workloads. Run workloads in the public cloud or in your data center with Cloud@Customer solutions that allow you to meet data residency, security, and latency needs.

    • Oracle hybrid cloud

      Bring cloud capabilities to your core platforms while complying with data residency and security constraints. Use Oracle Cloud services in your data center behind your firewall, close to your critical applications. Or run your workloads in 29 available global regions to support in-country disaster recovery.

    • High performance computing

      Financial applications, including trading applications, require high performance, low-latency infrastructure for consistent, low jitter performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers high-frequency processors, fast and dense local storage, and the lowest-latency network. Supplement or migrate away from capital-intensive on-premises systems.

    • OCI analytics

      Oracle Analytics uses embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data from disparate data sources, such as MySQL, OSS databases, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Exadata, so you can make smarter predictions and intelligent decisions.

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