Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring helps organizations optimize the resource utilization and uptime of their infrastructure and applications. This service provides fine-grained, out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards, enabling DevOps, IT, and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) with the real-time insights to respond to anomalies as they occur.

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Infrastructure and application metrics

Out-of-the-box infrastructure metrics

Quickly access readily-available performance metrics for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources, such as compute instances, block storage volumes, virtual network interfaces (NICs), and load balancers.

Custom metrics for applications

Using the Monitoring API, DevOps engineers can publish custom metrics to the Metrics Explorer, monitoring applications and infrastructure with a single service.

Metrics aggregation

Use statistics like mean, percentiles, minimum, and maximum to aggregate metrics flexibly and quickly over small or large intervals.

Support for writing complex queries

DevOps engineers can use the Monitoring Query Language (MQL) for complex statistical functions across a collection of resources, such as a cluster of compute shapes.

Alarms and notifications

Anomaly detection

Address anomalies before they impact business operations. Alarms inform IT staff of important events in real-time across Oracle Cloud.

Instant notifications

Alarms can trigger Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications, which sends messages via platforms such as PagerDuty, Email, and Slack.

Absence alerts

Quickly restore applications and optimize their performance. Alarms alert cloud operators when a resource is down or at risk of becoming inoperable.


Consumption-based pricing

Pay only for the metrics you import and analyze.

Free Tier and consistent rates across regions

Every month, customers can ingest the first 500-million datapoints and analyze the first billion datapoints for free. For usage beyond the Free Tier limits, prices are consistent across all of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure commercial and government regions.

More economical

Monitoring does not charge for alarms and stored data, making it significantly cheaper.

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Integra gets unprecedented visibility with OCI

"Oracle provides us with an integrated Observability platform for our applications, traces and logs. Since moving from our previous cloud provider, the time taken to diagnose and resolve problems has improved by 5X."
— Peter Gawroniak, Sr. Director of Global Infrastructure, Integra LifeSciences

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring use cases

  • Infrastructure and cloud application monitoring

    Rely on the Monitoring Service’s built-in metrics dashboard to help you detect, address, and repair anomalies before they impact your business. You can also export metrics to other tools, like Oracle Management Cloud, Grafana, and Prometheus. Get real-time alerts with the Notifications Service to safeguard availability and performance.

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  • Resource optimization

    Detect bottlenecks or under-utilized resources, and adjust cloud infrastructure settings to optimize business results and lower your costs.

    Publish GPU instance metrics to Monitoring

April 3, 2020

Publishing and Analyzing Custom Application Metrics with the Oracle Cloud Monitoring Service

Todd Sharp, Developer Advocate, Oracle

The Monitoring Service supports custom metrics, which allows you to publish your own data to the metrics service that can then be sliced, diced and sautéed into the perfect recipe for your organization’s needs.

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