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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Data Catalog

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Catalog is a metadata management service that helps data professionals discover data and support data governance. Designed specifically to work well with the Oracle ecosystem, it provides an inventory of assets, a business glossary, and a common metastore for data lakes.

Discover more about OCI Data Catalog.

Metadata harvesting

Harvest metadata from data sources across the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem and on-premises to create an inventory of data assets. This helps data consumers easily find the data they need for analytics.

Harvest technical metadata and gain insight into data in OCI Object Storage, Oracle Autonomous Database, and more.
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Support for Oracle on-premises sources

OCI Data Catalog harvests metadata from systems in private networks and on-premises, providing more expansive access to data.
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Automatic harvesting

Utilize on-demand or schedule-based automatic harvesting to ensure the data catalog always has up-to-date information.
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Search and discovery

With search, data consumers can gain details on data assets to see whether they are fit for use. Additional details of different data objects are also available for further exploration.

Search and browse

Data consumers can search based on technical names, business terms, and tags, and use filters to find objects of interest.
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Browse objects based on system hierarchy

Through browsing, data consumers can easily locate data in the system hierarchy of available data sources, folders, files, and more.
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Business glossary and metadata enrichment

Data stewards can manage enterprise glossaries with categories, subcategories, and business terms to build a taxonomy of business concepts. Other users can contribute their knowledge in the form of tags to make search more productive.
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Optimized for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

OCI Data Catalog is fully managed by Oracle and runs with all the power and scale of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud-native serverless managed service

Benefit from all of the security, reliability, performance, and scale of Oracle Cloud while using OCI Data Catalog.
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Integrate with REST APIs and SDKs

Using REST APIs and SDKs, developers can integrate OCI Data Catalog’s capabilities in their custom applications.
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IAM-based policy management

Using a trusted system for managing user identities and access privileges, administrators can control access to data catalog objects and capabilities to manage security requirements.
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog Saves Users Countless Hours

"OCI Data Catalog will dramatically improve how our end users automate metadata harvesting, perform data discovery, and understand data in the data lake and data warehouse."

- Sreenivas Simhadri
Senior Director, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Insights

Key benefits

  • Data discovery for warehouses and data lakes

    Discover data assets across Oracle data stores on-premises and in the cloud to start gaining real value from data.

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  • Accelerate analytics

    Improve data science productivity by making data discovery easier with data recommendations and easier data exploration.

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  • Support data governance

    Provide more insight into data with a business glossary and enrichments to improve trust in data in the Oracle ecosystem.

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July 21, 2020

Harvest Metadata from On-Premises and Cloud Sources with a Data Catalog

Rashmi Badan, Product Manager, Oracle

We’re announcing a new capability in OCI Data Catalog that expands its ability to harvest metadata from data systems in private networks and on-premise.
In today’s world, the proliferation of data makes the task of searching for relevant data a challenge for data analysts and data scientists.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog Documentation

Learn what’s new in the latest release (Readiness)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog Documentation


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