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Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Oracle Intelligent Advisor helps service agents deliver the right advice to every customer. This decision automation solution empowers business users to configure rules, ensuring that responses are consistent and transparent to deliver efficient, personalized, and intelligent customer service.

See how Oracle Intelligent Advisor can help you.

Explore Intelligent Advisor

Self-service advice capabilities

Let customers efficiently help themselves resolve both simple and complex issues.

Personalized assistance

Provide personalized advice tailored to each person using intelligent online interviews.

Conversational support

Enrich conversational experiences through chats and chatbots.

Efficient records management

Embed an Intelligent Advisor interview within the body of a knowledge article to provide dynamic and personalized scenarios for customers and service agents.

Advice and rule authoring

Give business users the power to configure advice, either through a web browser or a desktop development tool.

Natural language support

Equip business users to establish and manage rules—without the need to engage a programmer.

Intuitive designer

Design intuitive and exceptional customer experiences (CX).

Browser-based rule authoring

Easily create and deploy decision-making services in a web browser, eliminating the need to install and manage a desktop development tool. Centralize the custom application logic and easily share decision-making rules with stakeholders.


Collaborate across your entire business, allowing multiple authors to write rules for interviews and decision service projects.

Customer service agent guidance and advice

Support your contact center agents in providing consistent and personalized advice and decisions across all channels, in any language.

Quick decision-making

Empower agents to quickly make decisions and decrease the need for escalation.

Easily resolve calls

Give service agents the means to easily handle all customer calls—from simple to complex.

Advice analytics and insights

Understand and improve customer experience through channel interviews and decision analytics.

What-if analysis

Leverage what-if analysis to assess the impact of changes in legislation, policies, or regulations on your customers.

Gain better customer insights

Understand which rules drive better customer experiences.

Automated decision services

Easily integrate automated, intelligent decision-making into your existing systems, processes, and workflows.

Connect to any app

Seamlessly connect with your existing applications to perform high-volume calculations and scale decision-making.

Automated decisions

Automate decisions and complex calculations with service workflows and batch processes.

Transparent decision compliance

Ensure company compliance by transparently recording and explaining the advice given and decisions made.

Detailed decision reporting

Discover insights into your customers’ journeys and determine compliance with your business standards using accurate and reliable analytics and reports.

Record and explain decisions

Provide detailed explanations for automated decisions.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor customer successes

Many of the world’s leading businesses use Oracle Intelligent Advisor to build a better customer experience.

Banco National
Kenya Revnue Authority
Prince's Trust
Turning Point
University of Western Australia
Western Sussex NHS Foundation Trust
City of Albuquerque logo

Citizens use Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews to report issues and quickly access 311 services

Key benefits—Intelligent advisor

Key benefits of Intelligent Advisor

Virtual meetups for Intelligent Advisor

Heike Lorenz, Product Marketing Director, Oracle

Oracle’s virtual meetups are an excellent opportunity to connect with peers and the Intelligent Advisor development team. We will share best practices, tips/tricks, and everything we know, and you have the opportunity to provide feedback and learn more about Intelligent Advisor. Continue reading to see what’s coming up.

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Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle's premier online cloud community. Specifically designed for peer collaboration, best practice sharing, and to provide needed tools for members so they can keep pace with product strategy. Members also provide feedback on sales, marketing, and service cloud solutions directly to Oracle development.

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Consulting and partner services

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Customer service is all of the interaction points that a company has with customers after (and even before) they buy and use products/services. It includes digital self-service activities or assisted activities through a contact center to offer product suggestions, troubleshoot issues and complaints, or respond to general questions. Great customer service is a competitive differentiator that promotes customer loyalty and advocacy.

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