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In a recent interview with technology influencer Ronald van Loon, Oracle VP of Manufacturing Industries John Barcus discussed how technologies such as AI and blockchain are helping companies manage huge volumes of IoT data.


In Disrupter Daily, Oracle’s Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of IoT and blockchain applications development, discusses how blockchain is affecting supply chain management, including what's possible with emerging technologies.


Using sensors connected via IoT technologies together w/ a blockchain platform from Oracle, Alpha Acid Brewing is increasing transparency about the harvesting and transportation of its ingredients.


Companies are increasingly turning to blockchain distributed ledger technology to automate the monitoring of a supply chain’s many starts, stops, and handoffs—and remove the human factor from that decision loop as much as possible.


As CIOs head into 2019 amid a relatively strong—though volatile—global economy, they will have to make the transition to shift the investment balance from legacy systems to new, mostly cloud-based applications, capabilities, and technologies while improving security, reliability, and scalability.


Oracle revealed the latest version of its Java Card, used for securing IoT devices such as smartwatches and other hardware that process large amounts of information.


Oracle’s Atul Mahamuni, vice president of IoT and Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud, discusses how blockchain technology can play a big role in protecting supply chains against counterfeiting and fraud.


At Oracle OpenWorld, Rick Jewell, Oracle senior vice president of supply chain management applications development, discusses his perspective on the growing capability gap between those companies that are using IoT technologies strategically and those that aren’t.


Four manufacturing companies detail how emerging technology from Oracle has helped them achieve their Industry 4.0 pursuits, including cloud ERP and industrial IoT.