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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Quote to Order

Modern Best Practice for Quote to Order
Move Deals Faster with Insight-Driven Quotes

Quote to Order

The mobile, social, cloud, and analytic capabilities built into modern best practice for sales enable you to generate accurate, personalized quotes and drive efficient order delivery. Leverage customer insights to create personalized quotes. Enable sales teams to be mobile and productive. Monitor quotes, approve pricing, review orders, and securely share orders—no matter where you are. Use the following best practice as your roadmap to optimize your sales organization for growth.

Leverage Data, Empower Sales Teams

  • Intuitive, task-focused user interface designed for mobile devices
  • Contact, account, opportunity, and lead management
  • Calendar and contact integration
  • Forecast submission
  • Maps, phone, and email integration
  • Real-time analytics
  • Configure web and mobile applications for all devices from one place

Present and Negotiate
Present and Negotiate icon Mobile. Social.

Present and Negotiate

Securely share rule-based personalized quotes, digital product collateral, and key information with prospect.

Monitor Quote Status
Monitor Quote Status icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Monitor Quote Status

Dashboard-driven reviews of quote status, totals. and time-to-close.

Approve Pricing
Approve Pricing icon Mobile. Social.

Approve Pricing

Automated or manual rule-based and workflow-routed approval of pricing, ensuring commercial viability.

Confirm Order Options
Confirm Order Options icon Mobile. Social.

Confirm Order Options

Determine billing, shipping, payment, and scheduling requirements.

Convert to Order
Convert to Order icon Mobile. Social.

Convert to Order

Generate and securely share sales order and confirmation.

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