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Combined Power of Oracle Marketing Cloud with Oracle Commerce

Uniting Commerce and Marketing has huge benefits for both departments, and your organization as a whole—helping you deliver the personalized experiences customers crave, building stronger, longer lasting relationships, and ultimately, boosting your sales.

Trigger Cross-Channel Retargeting Campaigns In Real-Time

    • Integrate Commerce and Marketing platforms for true event driven campaigns.
    • Follow up in Abandon Shopping Carts, Abandon Browse and more to convert customer and increase ROI.
    • Deliver the right message with the right offer, through the right channel—in real time.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Responsys Real-Time Targeting screenshot

Increase Conversions with More Personalized Campaigns

  • Get a comprehensive view of a customer with data from both Commerce and Marketing
  • Leverage past purchase history and profile data to truly deliver an engaging 1:1 experience.
  • Schedule campaigns based on events that are important to the customer with informed data.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Responsys Cross-Channel Personalization screenshot

Break Down Silos and Give Customers a Consistent Brand Message

  • Integrate profile and activity data to deliver a more consistent and personalized customer experience Increase brand loyalty by unifying data across commerce and marketing platform.
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell campaign success by understanding a customer’s cross-channel buying behaviors.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Responsys Commerce+Marketing screenshot

Increase Conversion Rates with Profile Synching

  • Unite Commerce and Marketing data to drive growth and leverage a more comprehensive view of individual customers.
  • Deliver deeply personalized moment-to-moment interactions
  • Break down marketing silos and share cross-channel data.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Responsys Profile Synching screenshot

Turning Transactions Into Revenue, Relationships, and Advocates

Deliver consistent and meaningful experiences. The combined power of Oracle Commerce and Oracle Marketing Cloud empowers commerce leaders and modern marketers to leverage the most current customer data to engage customers on a 1:1 level. This provides customers a personalized experience that scales across the entire customer lifecycle.

By easily leveraging Oracle Commerce profile data to inform the Cross-Channel Marketing Platform’s campaigns, marketers can orchestrate hyper-targeted cross-channel campaigns tailored to customer needs. This ensures customers receive a more consistent and meaningful experience from the brand.

The importance of real-time. With true Marketing and Commerce integration, you can receive these insights instantly, giving you the power to deliver the most appropriate communications at the right moment. The outcome? You direct more traffic to your website, and build stronger customer relationships based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data.

See the Results

Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

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Comcast Gets 20:1 Return on Customer Experience with Oracle

Comcast uses Oracle Marketing Cloud technology and expertise for a better customer experience with transparency and personalization using data-driven digital marketing that delivered a 20:1 return at this Fortune 50 media and entertainment company.
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Canon Personalized Customer Conversations with Oracle

Canon Australia uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to personalize customer conversations with individuals and companies.
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Tivoli Gardens Uses Omni-Channel Marketing to Boost Sales by 41 Percent

Tivoli Gardens increased sales by 41 percent through an integrated omni-channel marketing programme, powered by Oracle Marketing Cloud.
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eHarmony Ignites Relationships Using Unique Data

eHarmony uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to achieve much higher engagement in digital marketing relationships with deeply personalized campaigns.
Oracle Responsys


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