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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Goal Setting to Performance

Goal Setting to Performance
Align Employee and Company Goals

Goal Setting to Performance

The mobile, social, artificial intelligence and machine learning, analytic and big data capabilities built into modern best practices transform employee goal setting, with a closer alignment between employee goals and overall business objectives. Employees are no longer in the dark about which goals impact business objectives. Managers and employees collaborate socially to draft, review, and finalize personal goals. Employee profiles are automatically updated when goals are achieved. Team progress is monitored. Managers are informed an on-going basis. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap for efficient, intelligence-driven talent management processes.

Align Goals and Business Objectives
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Align Goals and Business Objectives

Define and align employee goals to business objectives, including relevant succession plan needs. Review goal progress with dashboards.

Draft Objectives
Mobile. Social. icon Mobile. Social.

Draft Objectives

Review talent profile to cross reference evaluation with any relevant career goals. Employee shares the first draft of objectives for achieving set goals with manager.

Mobile. Social.

Improve Goal Attainment with Social

Use embedded secure social collaboration to enhance goal processes and increase likelihood of success.

Finalize Goals
Finalize Objectives icon Mobile.

Finalize Goals

Agree and finalize objectives based on feedback.

Employee Self-Evaluation
Employee Self-Assessment icon Mobile.

Employee Self-Evaluation

Employee conducts self-evaluation to measure performance on goals and competencies. Update talent profile with competency and career goal changes.

Finalize Objectives
Finalize Objectives icon Mobile. Social. Big Data.

Request Colleague Feedback

Employee identifies and asks relevant co-workers and colleagues to provide feedback on individual performance.

Evaluate Employee Performance
Mobile. Social. Big Data. icon Mobile. Social. Big Data.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Review feedback from others, perform a fit/gap analysis on relevant pre-defined competencies and update evaluation, validating attainment. Provide frequent performance reviews, finalize evaluation and update career plan.

Predict Worker and Team Performance
Mobile. Analytics. AI/ML. icon Mobile. Analytics. AI/ML.

Predict Worker and Team Performance

Predict voluntary turnover by analyzing risk of leaving and performance and determine which recommended pre-emptory actions to take.

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