5G Network Automation

Leverage your established network infrastructure to build a zero-touch autonomous 5G core that can efficiently expedite network changes.

5G core automation is crucial to telco transformation

Optimize your 5G core validation, deployment, and testing

Leverage analytics and automation for a superior service and network experience. The 5G core network functions can be validated in labs and deployed and configured in the production environment, rapidly enabling you to empower your customers with new features.

Streamline test times

Launch new features or fix bugs quickly and effortlessly by reducing testing time from weeks to hours.

Simplify integrations

Leverage the Jenkins framework to seamlessly integrate it into your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. Automatically trigger test cases with each new software use.

Take advantage of prepackaged 5G test cases

Validate new services with functional, regression, and performance testing cases to be customized to your environment.

Automate application configurations

Provide API access to your orchestrator from day one.

Enhance the user experience

Enhance the user experience and reduce complexity with a single UI for all Oracle 5G core network functions, continuous configuration automation, and centralized anchor points for configuration requests.

Secure orchestration connections

Secure the link between network automation and orchestration tools.

Automate software releases and deployments

Continuously deliver software releases and deployments with a central approach to managing lifecycle operations at multiple network sites.

Centralize management of Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core portfolio

Manage all Communications Cloud Native Core components from a centralized location with a single click.

Simplify lifecycle management of communications cloud native core portfolio

Reduce operating expenses and accelerate time to market with the ability to install, upgrade, and configure multiple sites using Communications Cloud Native Core.

Easily plug into customer orchestrator solutions

Simplify implementation at your network orchestrator by providing APIs to manage the lifecycle of Oracle Cloud Native Functions.

DISH Wireless selects Oracle for 5G core service-based architecture

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