Cloud Advisor

Optimize the use of resources in the cloud and reduce your cost
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Advisor finds potential inefficiencies in your tenancy and offers guided solutions that explain how to address them. The recommendations help you maximize cost savings and improve the security of your tenancy.

Optimize your resources

Cloud Advisor scans your tenancy to find potential inefficiencies and then uses this information to provide recommendations that suggest ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Reduce your cloud cost

Advisor provides estimated cost savings for applicable recommendations. This value is a dollar amount estimating how much lower your costs could be if you implement the recommendation.

Stay secure

The built-in Cloud Guard recommendations help you see and address security vulnerabilities.

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Cloud Advisor features


Cloud Advisor dashboard provides an overview of cost savings and security recommendations available. Cost management sections shows overall monthly cost saving that can be realized by implementing the pending recommendations. Security section shows the list of recommendations generated by Cloud Guard.

See the list of cloud recommendations

Recommendations section shows a list view of available recommendations, including all relevant information such as associated cost savings and resources under consideration.

Implement Cloud Advisor recommendations

Click on the specific recommendations in the recommendations page to implement recommendation(s) with a few clicks. Powered by Cloud Advisor APIs, Cloud Advisor Fix-It workflow provides an intuitive, efficient, and easy way of implementing the recommendations within cloud advisor UI instead of manually implementing the recommendations.

Customize recommendations using settings

Customize the recommendation logic for the entire tenancy by changing threshold values or be specific by overriding the recommendations logic for resources matching specific tags, compartments, or resource ids.

Cloud Advisor resources

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