Block Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Block Volumes provide reliable, high-performance, low-cost block storage. OCI Block Volumes persist beyond the lifespan of a virtual machine, have built-in redundancy, and can scale to 1 PB per compute instance.

OCI Block Volumes provide an industry first among hyperscale cloud vendors: a performance auto-tuning feature that dynamically scales performance as demand changes. Other hyperscale cloud vendors currently only offer a performance burst, which is limited to specific storage tiers and isn’t comprehensive across multiple tiers. We offer steady, predictable, linearly scaling, sticky performance. Set your performance range anywhere between 25,000 IOPS and 300,000 IOPS and cut costs based on your daily performance needs. As a simple example, if your application uses its minimum performance 80% of the time and its maximum performance only 20% of the time, you can save up to 50% to 70%.

OCI Block Volume features

Advanced block storage

Low latency, high IOPS

OCI Block Volumes use advanced, low-latency NVMe SSDs and nonblocking network connectivity for every host, which provides high IOPS to Oracle compute services. OCI Block Volumes offer the only storage performance SLA among large cloud providers.

Dynamically reconfigure and scale

Easily optimize storage size without provisioning constraints. Extend existing block and boot volumes from 50 GB to 32 TB while they are online without any impact to applications and workloads. Clone existing volumes or restore from backups to move to larger volumes.

Integrated data protection

All volumes have built-in durability and run on redundant hardware to achieve high reliability. Back up block and boot volumes to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage to enable frequent recovery points.

Match performance to workloads

Match performance with workload

The elastic performance feature allows customers to select and dynamically change the performance of OCI Block Volumes. Depending on their needs, customers can choose from balanced performance, higher performance, or ultrahigh performance levels or lower-cost options, and easily change modes without rebooting. Customers can also enable Block Volume auto-tuning to dynamically scale their application’s performance as their workload demands.

More IOPS, lower cost

Customers running a typical enterprise workload of a 1 TB block volume with 35,000 IOPS requirements can enjoy the cost savings with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, higher performance volume.

Gain efficiency with volume groups

Volume groups allow customers to take coordinated action across a set of volumes that require management as a group. For example, perform precise, point-in-time coordinated backups and clones across all volumes in the group.

High availability with integrated backup

Highly available by design

All volumes are automatically replicated to protect against data loss. Multiple copies of data are stored redundantly across storage servers with built-in repair mechanisms. Block and boot volumes are designed to provide 99.99% uptime.

Block storage cloning

Easily clone existing block volumes without initiating the backup and restore process. Create one or more direct disk-to-disk copies of an existing volume to support scale out, disaster recovery, DevTest, and production troubleshooting.

Integrated backup to OCI Object Storage

Automated and policy-based scheduled backups allow customers to back up block and boot volumes to highly durable Object Storage automatically, without impacting running applications. Scale out copies of data for demanding applications by restoring a backup to multiple block volumes.

Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity

Cross-region asynchronous replication

Cross-region asynchronous block volume and time-coordinated volume group replication provide additional options for disaster recovery preparedness. With an RTO of less than a minute to put a replicated volume or volume group back into service, customers can replicate volumes and volume groups directly to another region. Customers pay only for the extra storage amount and network transfer cost to update the replica volumes.

Automate volume and volume group backup

Simplify business continuity after disasters with automated scheduled volume group backups which are time- and crash-consistent. These backups can also be automatically copied to another region at no additional cost beyond the underlying storage cost and any network transfer costs.

Scalable and secure cloud storage

Scalable block storage
  • Dynamically scale block and boot volumes from 50 GB to 32 TB
  • Rely on up to 300,000 IOPS and 2,680 MB/sec of throughput per volume
  • Dynamic performance scaling with Block Volume auto-tuning
  • Choose from online and offline resizing and volume cloning
  • Dynamically attach or detach volumes up to 1 PB per compute instance
Data security and integrity
  • Encryption at rest by default using AES-256
  • Encryption in transit supported (TLS 1.2)
  • Option to supply your own encryption keys
  • Virtual Cloud Network maximizes isolation
  • Enable rapid volume recovery with backup to Object Storage
Maritz logo

Oracle block storage enables business applications to run faster

Maritz’s business units moved an entire application portfolio, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Vertex, and custom applications running on Oracle WebLogic middleware and Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Since migrating their production workloads to Oracle Cloud, Maritz has improved performance by 10X.

Block storage use cases

  • Beeline leverages OCI Block Volumes and bare metal

    Beeline's vendor management system is a software-as-a-service solution that helps Fortune 1000 companies automate the end-to-end management of all types of contingent labor, from sourcing to payment. Beeline relies on OCI Block Volumes, Exadata, and OCI Object Storage, as well as 10 Gb/sec Oracle CIoud Infrastructure FastConnect to improve performance, consolidate data centers, address compliance, and control costs.

    Read Beeline’s story

  • Securing block volumes with encryption and policies

    By default, volumes and their backups are encrypted at rest using AES-256; however, customers can also encrypt data volumes using tools such as dm-crypt, VeraCrypt, and BitLocker. Setting user-defined policies to prevent deleting data or backup copies can also help improve security and limit data loss.

    Learn more about securing block volumes

August 30, 2022

Announcing dynamic performance scaling with OCI Block Volume auto-tuning

Max Verun, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

OCI Block Volume auto-tuning provides vertical autoscaling that adjusts performance dynamically as demand changes. Customers can have significant cost savings as the volume automatically scales up and down based on their performance needs.

Read the complete post

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