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Kontakt Prihlásiť sa do služby Oracle Cloud

Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service

Oracle Database Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service is a fully managed data protection service for Oracle databases running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Unique, automated capabilities protect Oracle Database changes in real time, validate backups without production database overhead, and enable fast, predictable recovery to any point in time. Low costs based on the amount of data being protected mean that zero data loss resiliency is available to organizations of any size and virtually any budget.

Oracle Database innovations

New innovations in Oracle Database 23c beta and Oracle’s database services and product portfolio simplify development and enhance protection of mission-critical apps.

Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service use cases

  • Limit the impact of cyberattacks

    Continually protect your Oracle databases by using real-time data protection on Recovery Service and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks with rapid database recoveries to any point in time.

  • Reduce data loss exposure

    Automatically protect database transactions as they occur, reducing the recovery point objective to less than one second from between 15 minutes to as much as several hours. Fully recover the backup to the point of your last committed transaction.

  • Centrally manage data protection

    Consolidate data protection for all databases running on Exadata Database Service, Autonomous Database—Dedicated, and Base Database Service within your OCI compartment.

  • Minimize CPU consumption on database services

    Use fewer CPU resources on production database services for backup and recovery processes by offloading database backup validation and other processes to Recovery Service.

OCTOBER 18, 2022

Introducing Oracle Database Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service

Kelly Smith, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

The Oracle Backup and Recovery product team is excited to announce Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service. This new service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is based on the on-premises Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance technology and delivers protection capabilities for Oracle Database services running on OCI. Recovery Service helps organizations meet the business-critical need to reduce ransomware risk, the financial requirements for improved operational efficiency, and user expectations for cloud simplicity.

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