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Oracle Business Intelligence Beans enables developers to productively build business intelligence applications that take advantage of the rich OLAP functionality in the Oracle database. OracleBI Beans includes presentation beans - graph and crosstab, data beans - query and calculation builders and persistence services, which may be deployed in both HTML client and Java client applications. OracleBI Beans is seamlessly integrated into Oracle JDeveloper to provide the most productive development environment for building custom BI applications.
bullet Now available! Oracle BI Beans Statement of Direction (July 2008)
 Download OracleBI Beans 10 g ( Verizon Modernizes the Yellow Pages with Oracle BI
Technical Information
 Oracle BI Beans Feature Overview (HTML)
 Oracle BI Beans Installation Guide and Release Notes HTML | PDF
 Advanced Analytical Applications with Oracle JDeveloper and BI Beans - Technical Whitepaper (PDF)
 A Total Warehouse Solution using Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle OLAP, and Oracle BI Beans - Technical Whitepaper (PDF)
 Deploying BI Beans Applications HTML | PDF
 Setting Up a Separate OC4J Instance for BI Beans Applications HTML | PDF
 Running a Dashboard Application created with Oracle BI Beans
 Developing a Dashboard Application with Oracle BI Beans
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