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Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder accelerates and simplifies provisioning of complete multi-tier application topologies by packaging the them as standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Assemblies. It is capable of capturing application topologies comprised of Oracle and non-Oracle products. With a single keystroke, applications are fully deployed quickly and efficiently using application and user defined metadata.


  • Configure, assemble, and deploy entire application topologies
  • Capture and create single-function VM appliances optimized to run Java applications without an operating system
  • Create complex topologies using a drag-and-drop visual interface
  • Horizontally scale deployed applications with a single command
  • Customize and provision complex enterprise applications with minimal to no manual intervention onto virtualized or cloud environments


  • Drive single-step, template-based deployment of multi-tier applications to virtualized environments
  • Leverage "fluid" virtualized hardware by dynamically scaling up/down underlying software infrastructure and applications
  • Capture the configuration of each software component from an existing application environment and package them into a collection of customized software appliances
Download  Download Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 12c (

Getting Started

Demos & Quick Start

 OVAB VirtualBox Appliance
This VirtualBox appliance has been provided for quick start, training and demonstration purposes. It is a self-contained appliance that has OVAB (Studio and Deployer) and a reference application topology pre-installed in it. Refer to the associated document to use this appliance. Please note that this appliance is not meant for production use.

Presentations & Supporting Documents

 Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Overview
This presentation provides an overview of the capabilities of OVAB and its primary use case.

 Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 12c (
This presentation describes the 12c ( release of OVAB. It leads with an overview of OVAB. After the overview the presentation focuses on the 12c ( release. It covers the road to 12c, general release information and then the key new features of this release.

News & Updates

 OVAB 12c ( VirtualBox Demo And Quick Start Appliance Available
An OVAB VirtualBox Demo and Quick Start appliance is now available. Please refer to the Demos & Quick Start section of this page.
 Overview and 12c ( Presentations Available
OVAB Overview and 12c presentations are now available. Please refer to the Presentations & Supporting Documents section of this page.
 Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 12c ( Released
OVAB 12c ( is now available. This release has several enhancements to improve usability in both the Studio and Command Line Interface (CLI). Another notable update in this release is that Generic Product has been enhanced to allow them to be configured with inputs and outputs which can be wired to other Appliances within an Assembly. For the full list of new features please refer to What's new in 12c.
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