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Increase customer loyalty and retention

Engage and deepen relationships with your most valuable shoppers through personalized customer loyalty and reward programs. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Retail Customer Engagement features help you create and share meaningful interactions beyond point of purchase to increase data capture, profitability, and retention.

See how innovative retailers are offering exceptional loyalty experiences.

How Oracle helps you boost retail customer loyalty

01Connect digital and in-store customer experiences

Create consistent omnichannel experiences that improve customer loyalty no matter which channels—physical or digital—your customers chose to use.

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Guidebook: Customer Engagement—A New Take on Loyalty

02Retain existing customers

Don’t lose customers to your competitors. Know your customers better and anticipate their every need by leveraging data collected through your loyalty programs.

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03Increase customer lifetime value

Personalize and segment your marketing campaigns to target your most loyal customers and attract look-alikes.

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Blog: Achieve profitable customer acquisition and retention

04Grow your retail business

Use your loyalty program to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Connect and interact with your most valuable shoppers and foster a hyperengaged community.

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Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Retail Customer Engagement features and benefits

Deliver personalized loyalty engagement and reward programs that drive customers to make additional purchases—across all channels.

Customer engagement

Build a more robust account profile using customer-provided preference data to personalize messaging, product recommendations, and promotions for individual customers at scale.

Customized design

Develop customer retention and loyalty strategies around the needs of your most loyal shoppers within the framework of your brand’s objectives.

Customer segmentation and audiences

Customer segments and audiences - Create personalized communications, marketing campaigns, activities, and rewards offerings, leveraging retail insights to identify customer segments and audiences based on loyalty member behavior, data, tier and status, and more.

Partner management

Extend your loyalty program to strategic brand partners. Offer your customers points for all omnichannel purchases and engagement-enhancing actions, no matter if they’re buying from you or your partners.

Flexible rewards offering

Allow customers to redeem rewards through a personalized reward catalog, by applying discounts or promotions directly in their online cart or POS checkout, or through the automatic distribution of rewards on a set milestone or cadence.

Connected loyalty experiences

Power unified marketing campaigns and drive a 360-degree view of your customers in real time by pushing Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement data to your other systems, including CRM, marketing automation, email service providers, customer data platforms, and customer engagement.

Thought Leadership

30 ways to capture, convert, and retain holiday shoppers with customer loyalty marketing

Scott Ankers, Senior Principal Product Marketer, Loyalty

The National Retail Federation reports that 20% of annual retail sales occur in the final two months of the year. How can businesses wow current customers around the holidays? And taking it a step further, convert new customers into future loyal customers of their own?

Luckily, for customer loyalty marketers with existing engagement-based loyalty programs, their toolkit is full of diversified and innovative levers to create winning strategies.

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