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Specialty Retail Software

Retailers must have the right inventory available in the right place to quickly fulfill customer demand, no matter when and where a purchase is made. By leveraging hardlines and specialty retail software with embedded science, you can optimize operations, profitably fulfill demand, and cultivate brand loyalty while getting consumer insights.

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Estée Lauder adapts retail technology to transform the customer experience
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Data science helps specialty retailer Home Choice better plan and serve customers
Helzberg Diamonds uses AI to add clarity in retail and optimization
Bed Bath & Beyond modernizes its retail technology operations with Oracle Cloud

How can specialty retailers thrive?

Make your inventory work for you

What inventory do you have? Where is it? And is it sellable? Does your inventory solution increase margins and free working capital?

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Break the chain out of the supply chain

How do you flow goods to cover multiple touchpoints with products moving in more than one direction and even changing directions?

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Modernize customer acquisition campaigns

Do you have a good handle on who your customers are? Do you know who your superfans, habitual buyers, and occasional shoppers are?

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Build agility in the cloud

Are your processes standardized to support ever-changing consumer demands? Do you have real-time intelligence to help guide your business decisions?

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5 ways platforms help retailers achieve improved outcomes

With artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core, Oracle’s platform for modern retail delivers a complete set of mission-critical solutions and cloud services that enable retailers to gain the insights and agility to attract and retain customers at every touchpoint.

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Leverage the power of the Oracle Retail Reference Model community

Accelerate speed to value by streamlining your implementation using best practice process models, architectural diagrams, and a retail glossary derived from more than 5,000 retail customers across 96 countries.

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A leader in retail merchandising assortment planning and pricing

Oracle is recognized as a leader in three analyst retail planning and pricing reports, based on its retail functional capabilities, best practices, and market understanding.

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