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Popüler Sorular
Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrade and/or Migrate Your Database

Upgrading your Oracle Database provides the latest in efficient, reliable, secure data management for mission-critical on-line transaction processing applications, query-intensive data warehouses, and cloud applications. With the right planning, preparation, and steps, the upgrade process will be simpler, faster, and more predictable from start to finish. Learn more about upgrading your Oracle Database by exploring resources, documentation and more. Get an overview of various methods that may be used to upgrade Oracle Database.

Get the Details

Database Compatibility Matrix

Wondering which prior releases are supported for direct upgrade to the latest Oracle Database releases? Check out the Database Server Upgrade/Downgrade Compatibility Matrix.

Database Upgrades

Planning an upgrade? The Database Upgrade Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the four-step process with links to resources.

Ready to upgrade your database? The Oracle AutoUpgrade Tool is the recommended approach! Be sure to use the latest version of the tool from My Oracle Support (Doc ID 2485457.1).

The AutoUpgrade Tool automates the upgrade process for Oracle Database releases and higher to 19c and higher. (Releases 18.5 and 12.2 are supported targets as well.) Using a single command and one configuration file, AutoUpgrade analyzes one or more source database(s) and applies fixups, performs the upgrade, and completes postupgrade checks and configuration migration.

Use AutoUpgrade after you have downloaded binaries for the new Oracle Database release, and set up new release Oracle homes. For more details consult the latest Oracle Database Upgrade Guide in the Oracle documentation library and the My Oracle Support note (Doc ID 2485457.1).

Database Migrations

Oracle Data Pump provides high-speed, parallel Export and Import for data and metadata movement between Oracle databases. The What's New in Oracle Data Pump presentation delivered at Oracle OpenWorld discusses the new features of Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Database. Make migrating and consolidating faster and easier by using the Oracle Data Pump: Full Transportable Export/Import feature. It combines the ease of use of Data Pump with the speed of transportable tablespaces. Please consider the Best Practices for Oracle Data Pump. If you are migrating or loading data into Oracle Cloud, the following resources can be helpful: Migrate your on-premises Oracle Database into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Load data into Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) and Load data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

Loading Data into Oracle

Perform high-speed data filtering and loading from external files into Oracle database tables using the SQL*Loader feature of Oracle Database. The Express Mode Loading with SQL*Loader in Oracle Database white paper discusses how Express Mode can simplify loading data from files into Oracle Database.

External Tables allows you to access data in external sources as if it were a table inside the database. External tables can be accessed from SQL, PL/SQL and by embedded SQL in other programming languages.

Is your database ready to upgrade? Visit My Oracle Support and download the latest AutoUpgrade Tool.