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Oracle Research Institution Solutions

Oracle Research Institutions

Accelerate Discovery While Reducing Costs

Oracle accelerates research with solutions that offer simple, secure, and rapid provisioning of high-performance computing, storage, and analytics tools.

Complete Research and Faculty Solutions in the Cloud

Oracle’s academic research platform is a comprehensive set of modular solutions that addresses the ever-increasing need to collect, manage, analyze, and collaborate on data, and brings new levels of performance, innovation, and scale.

Researcher IT Cloud

Researcher IT Cloud

Instantly and securely provision truly high-performance compute, storage, and analytic resources at any scale – including dedicated CPU or GPU bare metal platforms, ideal for today’s AI and ML use cases.

Preserve and Secure Access to Sensitive Data

Preserve and Secure Access to Sensitive Data

The world's most renowned data security capabilities threaded into every layer, from database and storage to data access, anonymization, and visualization.

  • Provide secure access
  • Secure monitoring and analytics
  • Meet IT governance and compliance requirements
Oracle CASB Cloud Solution
Oracle Management Cloud

Provide Enterprise-Wide Big Data Environments

Capture, Organize and Analyze Large and Complex Research Data Sets

Easily capture, organize and analyze very large, complex research data sets.

  • Better manage data quality
  • Provide secure access to sensitive personal health information (PHI) and intellectual property (IP) data
  • Deliver high-performance, highly available, and cost-effective infrastructure services
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Oracle Analytics Cloud
Oracle Big Data Cloud
Oracle Internet of Things
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Platform Solutions
Digibook: Big Data Customer Success
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