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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Center Regions

We deploy our cloud in data center regions. Availability domains and three separate fault domains per data center help ensure application availability. Low-latency and high-bandwidth interconnect enables zero-data-loss architectures for applications like Oracle Database and high availability for scale-out technologies like Cassandra.

To find out where an Oracle Cloud service is available, see the list of Oracle data regions and the services they provide.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Center Regions

Different by Design

Oracle Cloud is designed to provide enterprise customers with security, rock-solid reliability, and powerful management capabilities for large and complex deployments—all while beating industry performance and pricing standards.

The first cloud built and optimized specifically to support enterprise-class workloads, Oracle Cloud enables companies of any size to run their most mission-critical, high-volume, and high-performance databases and applications. Oracle Cloud was built by cloud industry veterans to meet enterprise-grade computing requirements and to deliver on the cloud's promise of competitive costs, rapid provisioning, and nearly limitless scale.

Fast, Non-Blocking, Predictable Performance

Networking is the cornerstone of any cloud platform: it defines performance and the customer experience.

Our flat and fast network provides the latency and throughput of rack adjacency across the entire network, allowing synchronous replication and constant uptime. No network or CPU oversubscription also provides predictable bandwidth and performance.

Oracle’s highly scalable, flat network design limits the number of network hops between compute and storage to a maximum of two. Combined with no network or CPU over-subscription, and locally attached NVMe storage, you get a low-latency network with predictable performance and fast cloud storage.

We interconnect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions with high-bandwidth, fault-tolerant networks achieving ≥ 99.95 percent reliability (≤5 packets lost in 10,000). Interconnecting regions provides consistent latency (as low as 75ms within US and as low as 75ms US to EU). High bandwidth network interconnect provides less than 150us latency between any two hosts within an availability domain.

Fast, Non-Blocking, Predictable Performance

Isolated Network Virtualization

Oracle Cloud Platform is the first to offer isolated network virtualization, which takes network and I/O virtualization out of the hypervisor and encapsulates it in its own hardware and software-hardened layer. As a result, customers can provision truly elastic, self-service, pay-as-you-go, dedicated physical servers with a full software-defined layer 3 network topology.

Isolated network virtualization improves network performance and increases security by greatly reducing the attack surface that malicious hackers typically attempt to exploit. Oracle's infrastructure also empowers customers to run bare metal servers side-by-side with any class of system—from virtual machines (VMs) to engineered systems.

Isolated Network Virtualization

No More Shadow IT

How many clouds are you running? And, who has access to the data? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be organized into compartments, providing isolated subclouds available for different divisions and projects. Govern activity and resources by groups. Give each cloud user security and data protection policies. Get granular billing and metering of resources within each department or isolation boundary.

The job of IT is to enable software development, not perform it. Enable every division and department to have their own cloud workloads, defined with straightforward and descriptive policy language

Protect Existing Investments and Build New, Cloud Native Applications

Enterprises have already invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into existing production systems—and rebuilding everything from scratch simply isn't a viable option. That's why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports all applications—old and new alike, regardless of complexity—and minimizes the need for enterprise IT teams to update or redesign legacy software.

If you need help migrating legacy systems to the cloud, the enterprise experts on our support team—or our robust ecosystem of systems integration and managed service provider partners—will be there to assist you every step of the way. Whether your journey to the cloud is complex or simple, gradual or radical, Oracle's unparalleled expertise will ensure a smooth transition with minimal risk and superior results. And once your existing applications and workloads are running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our modern cloud tools and standards-based, cloud native frameworks will enable you to build out your business’s future.