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Sovereign Cloud

Data sovereignty and strictly local operations are key considerations when customers move to the cloud. Customers require transparency regarding data location, cloud security, and cloud operations. To meet local sovereignty requirements, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers several deployment models for commercial and government customers, each delivering the full scope of OCI services.

Cloud customization options to meet sovereignty requirements

Oracle Sovereign Cloud Regions meet demanding data residency, security, and latency requirements. Oracle Cloud offers industry-leading price-performance with significantly reduced operational costs while enabling customers with sovereignty requirements to run workloads. These sovereign regions offer “Everything Everywhere”— the same cloud services as our other OCI regions.

Oracle extends region deployment options to address customer and government sovereignty requirements. Customers can control their deployment’s location, accessibility, operations, support, regulatory requirements, and internet connectivity. By combining these options around a core deployment, customers can start with a small initial footprint and enjoy the full scope of Oracle Cloud while also meeting their stringent security, compliance, and sovereignty requirements.

Oracle Cloud region delivery diagram
  • Choice of location: Customers control the location where their data is hosted. Oracle’s ability to deploy cloud services within a small initial footprint enables regions to be built where the customer chooses—in an Oracle-sourced colocation, a location specified by the customer, or even in the customer’s data center, providing control over data residency.
  • Access restrictions: Customers control the access to their cloud environment(s). Depending on the deployment options, tenancies within a sovereign cloud may be limited to a specific company, geography, or organizations, such as government agencies and departments, regulation-sensitive organizations in defense, or other groups specified by the customer.
  • Operations and support teams: Sovereign operations and support can be restricted to local staff and may be subject to additional government-directed security clearance, citizenship, or residency requirements.
  • Regulatory requirements: Sovereign regions may need to meet a customer-specific compliance bar and/or regulatory or security standards. Oracle enables customers to implement the required controls and achieve their own compliance accreditations.
  • Dedicated network connectivity: Connection to the public internet is required for most sovereign cloud deployments. However, air-gapped regions provide complete isolation from the internet for some government customers, thereby allowing the customer to meet their security requirements.

Through the implementation of these options, Oracle is able to provide its customers with the following sovereign deployment models.

Oracle sovereign cloud for national security

Combining all the above options, Oracle National Security Regions (ONSRs) bring Oracle Cloud to secure government networks and support highly classified workloads, customer accreditations, and compliance requirements that surpass those of internet-connected sovereign cloud regions. ONSRs are designed to ensure mission continuity with high-availability architectures deployed in multiregion configurations. ONSRs provide additional protection to meet the following stringent requirements:

  • Air-gapped, highly secure data centers: An ONSR is air gapped from the internet and deployed in facilities built to government specifications that meet and exceed government standards. Oracle’s experience building secure data centers enables the fastest time to mission.
  • Operations in secure facilities: ONSRs are operated and supported by local citizens who maintain customer-specific security clearance. Operations are conducted from isolated, highly secure, dedicated facilities that are physically located within the customer’s selected geography, providing redundant, independent continuity of operations for the most critical workloads.
  • Government accreditation: ONSRs can be certified to the highest government classifications and standards. ONSRs offer the same services as Oracle’s public cloud regions.

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Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud enables both private companies and public sector organizations within the EU to host data and applications that are sensitive, regulated, or of strategic regional importance. As a general policy, OCI already does not move customer content from the regions our customers select for their workloads. Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud extends this practice by restricting operations and customer support responsibilities to EU residents. These sovereign cloud regions are also designed to further enable customers to demonstrate alignment with relevant EU regulations and guidance.

  • Designed to address compliance with the laws of the EU: These sovereign cloud regions operate under a comprehensive set of policies and governance that enhance OCI’s existing capabilities for data residency, security, privacy, and compliance. These additional policies establish a framework for data and operational sovereignty, including how customer data is stored and accessed, and how government requests for data access are handled.
  • Located and operated within the EU: The first two sovereign cloud regions for the EU are located in Germany and Spain, with operations and support restricted to EU residents and EU legal entities. These OCI regions are logically and physically separate from the existing commercial public cloud regions in the EU.
  • Access to the same services, value, and innovation as the public cloud: Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud will offer more than 100 of the same cloud services available in OCI’s existing public cloud regions. Pricing for OCI services is the same as in existing Oracle Cloud regions. Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications currently hosted in Oracle European Union Restricted Access (EURA) Cloud Service will become available in Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in the future. EURA pricing will remain unchanged, with the same levels of support and financially backed SLAs. Customers are able to use Oracle Universal Credits to purchase services and participate in OCI programs such as Oracle Support Rewards.

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