Keep Your Data Secure
Throughout the
Cloud Lifecycle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security—
Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Security Zones

Automating security in a cloud
compartment with Oracle Security Zones

Oracle Security Zones act as special Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compartments that enforce implicit and explicit security policies.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also offers a Maximum Security Zone, which enforces a superset of prescriptive and compulsory policies. These policies can help prevent data exfiltration and enforce a continuous maximum security posture.

Policies that are enforced in Oracle Maximum Security Zones are:

  • No public internet in or out
  • All data encrypted with customer-managed HSM keys
  • Only bastion access to hosts
  • No databases without backups
  • No instances without hardened images

Due to the nature of the policies, resources inside an Oracle Maximum Security Zone cannot be moved out unless to another Oracle Maximum Security Zone. Additionally, to prevent configuration drift, the security configurations of an Oracle Maximum Security Zone cannot be disabled.

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