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Oracle Service Cloud Products

Knowledge Management Solutions
Provide the Right Information

Knowledge Management

Improve Self-Service and Reduce Customer Churn

Improve Self-Service and Reduce Customer Churn

If your knowledge is in silos, your customers and agents are probably having a difficult time finding answers fast. Discover how you can improve retention with answers on demand.

Knowledge Management Products

Knowledge Management Products

  • Content Authoring

    Easily capture, author and publish knowledge, while maintaining versioning, compliance, and translation controls.

  • Semantic Search

    Find precise answers from multiple data types, languages, and content sources using robust NLP and industry terminology.

  • Guided Knowledge

    Create step-by-step guided flows for navigating users to the right answers by leveraging customer context and data from external systems.

  • Knowledge Analytics

    Gain deeper insight into customer interactions, resolution performance, and knowledge gaps.

  • Integrated Apps

    Deliver knowledge at the point of need across channels of interactions through pre-packed knowledge integrations.

  • Knowledge APIs

    Get universal access to knowledge in custom and third-party applications through open standard- based APIs.

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