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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Campaign Execution to Lead

Campaign Execution to Lead
Improve Campaign Response Rates

Campaign Execution to Lead

The mobile, social, analytic, and big data built into modern marketing best practices enable you launch smarter, data-driven marketing campaigns. Create targeted assets based on buyer persona and buying stage. Build high quality prospect lists. Analyze leads to achieve greater campaign response rates. Collaborate with your entire organization to implement compelling marketing campaigns. Demonstrate campaign results with meaningful metrics. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap for creating exceptional, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Streamlined, Data-Driven Marketing Processes

  • Embedded email, landing page, and form templates
  • Multi-model lead scoring and routing
  • Flexible native CRM integrations
  • Easy integration of third-party applications directly into your marketing campaigns
  • Advanced data cleansing and validation tool
  • Role-based lead assignment and nurturing

Define Marketing Strategy and Goals
Define Marketing Strategy and Goals icon Analytics. Social.

Define Marketing Strategy and Goals

Examine sales goals, analyze the market makeup. Establish strategy, goals, and budget.

Create Content
Create Content icon Analytics. Social.

Create Content

Define content plan and develop content by persona and buying cycle stage.

Generate Target Lists
Generate Target Lists icon Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Generate Target Lists

Purchase, generate, analyze, and segment lists to create targets by potential profitability and Return On Investment (ROI).

Build Campaign Assets
Build Campaign Assets iconMobile. Analytics. Social.

Build Campaign Assets

Create assets including: emails, call scripts, direct mail, display ads, pay per click, and social content.

Execute Campaign
Execute Campaign iconMobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Execute Campaign

Launch campaigns using email, web, direct mail, event, social media, and other assets. Manage execution activities.

Monitor Campaign Results
Monitor Campaign Results iconMobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Monitor Campaign Results

Determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Define success criteria, capture responses, and analyze results.

Qualify and Prioritize Leads
Qualify and Prioritize Leads icon Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Qualify and Prioritize Leads

Rule-based qualification based on profile, demographic, and behavioral criteria. Securely share resulting qualified leads.

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