FastConnect allows customers to connect directly to their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) virtual cloud network via dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections. Then, based on the amount of data, customers simply choose an appropriate port speed and pay a consistent, low price each month. Other providers charge for the amount of data moved, which can be expensive and unpredictable.

  • Dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud

    Extend your on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud by choosing one or more than 50 Fast Connect partners representing the top carrier and network providers globally, and get responsive access for your cloud-based workloads.

  • Flexible connections to Oracle Cloud

    Connect to Oracle Cloud using a FastConnect partner, a third-party provider, or from within a colocation environment.

FastConnect service features

Dedicated and private cloud connection

Scale as needed

Upgrade and downgrade port speed based on your business needs and data transfer profile at the moment, and change it as requirements shift.

Private and fast

FastConnect provides a predetermined path for data movement, avoiding the collisions, packet ordering, and security and latency issues inherent in data transfer over the public internet. Add optional encryption with a site-to-site IPSec VPN over FastConnect.

Best practices built-in

Leverage the industry-standard Border Gateway Protocol for routing to manage the exchange of routes between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and your network.

Integrate into one network

Using our virtual cloud network capabilities, FastConnect flows data traffic strictly over defined, trusted endpoints across your OCI tenancy and your private network.

Low, consistent pricing

Market-leading low pricing for private cloud networking

Save as much as 80% and take advantage of Oracle Cloud’s leading economics in network egress and networking costs.

Global, flat rates

Customers will not find surprises in their bills based on data moving over FastConnect lines because pricing is based on a flat rate (per port speed chosen) with zero data transfer charge. As a result, costs remain low and predictable. Billing based upon time in use and carrier costs is billed directly by the carrier partner.

Azure Interconnect Pricing

Pricing for the Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect is based solely on the capacity of the ports provisioned on OCI FastConnect and Azure ExpressRoute Local Circuit. There are no additional charges for inbound or outbound bandwidth consumed.

Flexible connection options

Connect via partner

Oracle has more than 50 FastConnect partners with pre-established connections across our global regions ready for use right now.

Cross-connect within the same data center

Direct connection between the customer and Oracle when customers haves a presence in the Oracle region location.

Private partner connection

If you have a preferred carrier that is not currently a member of the FastConnect service program, we can offer direct connection between the customer’s preferred network provider and Oracle using a dedicated circuit.

Public and private peering

Different workloads have different needs. Choose between FastConnect private or public peering options—or use both—to fit your requirements.

Rapid service provisioning

Console or API

Customers configure and change circuits via our easy-to-use and intuitive console interface, or programmatically via API to enable automation.


With FastConnect, customers have the tooling to easily create redundant connections required for critical applications and workloads quickly.

Accelerate with partners

When connecting via FastConnect partners, virtual circuits can be provisioned within minutes where there is an existing relationship in place.

More than 50 partners

Extend your on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud by choosing one of more than 50 Fast Connect partners representing the top carrier and network providers globally, ensuring customers responsive access for their cloud-based workloads.

Supported public and private peering services

Get a detailed list of all IaaS and PaaS services supported by FastConnect across public and private peering options.


FastConnect use cases

  • Latency-sensitive enterprise applications

    Applications with relational database back-ends are especially vulnerable to latency and require predictable performance. Oracle FastConnect ensures consistent network performance and low latency.

  • Big data and high performance computing

    When transferring large amounts of data—for example, running batch jobs or analyzing real-time queries—high performance and low latency are a must. With dedicated connections, Oracle FastConnect provides the throughput and consistency required for data-intensive jobs.

  • Sensitive data that cannot traverse the internet

    FastConnect isolates sensitive data traffic and improves security and privacy because data traffic flows strictly over trusted endpoints. Use an optional site-to-site IPSec VPN to encrypt the data.

  • Lift and shift to the cloud

    Moving applications and databases often requires dedicated network connectivity. Migration activities typically involve large data transfers and short-time windows. FastConnect meets both needs by providing high performance at a market-leading price point. Plus, customers are not forced to pay for the volume of the data.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect customer successes

Customers in diverse industries leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect to create dedicated, private connections with high-bandwidth options to ensure a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.

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Sustainable ingredient company moves Oracle Applications to the cloud

September 13, 2023

Announcing OCI Site-to-Site VPN over FastConnect

We’re announcing the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Site-to-Site VPN over FastConnect private peering in all commercial regions. Site-to-site IPSec VPNs are frequently used to secure and protect traffic between on-premises environments and OCI. The OCI Site-to-Site VPN service provides a highly resilient and redundant IPSec VPN managed service, enabling you to encrypt your private traffic before sending it to OCI.

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