Public health

Our solutions give public health agencies a workflow-driven model built to meet their fundamental needs, including the need to synchronize, analyze, and adapt work based on changing standards. With our public health solutions, you can easily monitor activity and coordinate hundreds of tasks simultaneously, promoting evidence-based practices, enhancing clinical decision-making, and reducing care variability.

Key benefits of our public health solutions include

  • Deliver patient education materials.

  • Leverage clinical summaries with actionable dashboards to capture documentation and place orders within a single screen.

  • Access a patient’s longitudinal record, and extract key patient data from electronic health records (EHRs), regardless of the vendor.

  • Manage immunization inventory—download immunization data into the EHR and upload it into the state’s immunization registry.

  • Leverage clinical workflows for STDs, TB, HIV, HEP, and other communicable diseases.

  • Deliver HIPAA-compliant, secure patient communications with secure messaging, lab results, e-visits, and appointment scheduling.

Public health solutions

Build your technology foundation and address data challenges with our public health solutions.

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Public health reporting Alleviate the documentation burden

Our solutions enable data to be automatically submitted to public health agencies, helping provide accurate reporting while reducing the documentation burden on clinicians.

Community monitoring and response Create a coordinated effort

Disease monitoring analytics

Use the latest technologies and data science tools to help improve analysis speed in a secure, compliant environment.

Constituent and patient engagement

Take an integrated, coordinated approach to community health. Our digital self-service tools can help you cut costs and extend your reach within your populations.

Emergency response supply distribution

With our emergency response solution, organizations entrusted with public health response readiness can build a proactive emergency public health response plan. Leverage our response supply cloud service to support clear communication and the swift allocation and distribution of critical resources to the right end points across your network.

Data model optimization for health record access

Build on our FHIR data repository and integrate relevant care information with your clinical systems to create a single source of truth for patient healthcare information.

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