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Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure

Accelerate Cloud Workloads Outside the Bounds of Your Data Center

Oracle brings core infrastructure services, platform software, enterprise grade security, and applications to the edge.

If you’re interested in Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure, please contact us at for more information.

Roving Edge Infrastructure

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure extends the power of cloud beyond the data center, allowing you to run your cloud workloads in remote and disconnected environments.

It delivers cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks, enabling low-latency processing closer to the point of data generation and ingestion, and resulting in timely insights into your data.

At the heart of Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure are Roving Edge Devices (REDs), ruggedized, portable server nodes that physically bring core IaaS and PaaS services to remote locations. Extensible into groups of 5 to 15 nodes, these clusters offer increased capacity and durability.

On a ship, on the battlefield, or at a mobile disaster-aid site, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure can help accelerate tactical decision-making even in the most austere environments.

Product Features

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Cloud Capabilities at the Edge

  • Built to run vital, time-sensitive cloud applications at the edge, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure provides an ecosystem of Oracle IaaS and PaaS services outside of the data center. Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure allows you to run virtual machines from your cloud tenancy and provides both Block and Object Storage. Oracle’s edge solution is designed for field operations that may include a combination of enterprise, custom, hybrid, or disconnected applications.

High-Performing Mix

  • This cloud offering brings mission performance to the edge with a mix of compute cores, storage, and platform software all running in a ruggedized enclosure. A combination of 40 OCPUs, 512 RAM, 61 TB of storage, and high-speed networking guarantees high-performance output from each node. Further, each Roving Edge Device includes an embedded graphical processing unit (GPU) to support advanced processing such as AI/ML at the edge.

Ruggedized, Ready-to-Go Hardware

  • Oracle Roving Edge Device is a compact and portable server node that brings Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities to remote locations, even when completely disconnected. Encased in a 3U military grade (MIL-STD-810) ruggedized shock mount case, each device weighs less than 88 lbs. and is electromagnetic shielded to limit emanations and interference. Designed to be scalable and stacked in clusters, you can opt to scale-up based on your compute, storage, or space needs or constraints. Clusters are available in configurations of 5 to 15 nodes.

Unified Customer Experience

  • Easy to manage and control, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure acts as an extension of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy and selected region. When in the field, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure offers the same look and feel as the OCI console, which makes it effortless to adopt and deploy, and provides you with a consistent, unified experience. Further, you can easily synchronize data between Object Storage in your Oracle Cloud tenancy and RED node(s) whenever network connectivity is available.

Economical, Easy-to-Configure Edge Solutions

  • With no upfront cost, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure is billed per day of resource possession. The service is accessed in OCI like any of your other cloud services, and nodes and clusters are easily configured and provisioned through the OCI console. After configuration, Oracle provisions the nodes with your designated workloads and data, and makes them available for shipping or pickup.