The Oracle Experience Lab - A multi-purpose customer experience studio

Oracle Experience Lab is a multi-purpose customer experience studio, where you can explore the transformative power of cloud and see data in new ways. Test drive the latest hands-on contextual demonstrations - machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality!

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Available in person at our Oracle offices, choose from a range of cloud labs. Experience the capability of Oracle Cloud, test drive the latest tech and learn first-hand from Oracle experts.

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Oracle Analytics Test Drive

The Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Test Drive is aimed to provide an understanding of Oracle’s Analytics platform capabilities and product offerings to solve business problems. The test drive intends to give an understanding of how the complex business problem can be solved using simple yet powerful methods by leveraging OAC.

Analytics with Autonomous Database

Join us for this in person lab to learn how you can provision an Autonomous Database instance. Test drive how to upload files, query your data and how to visualise data using Oracle Analytics.


Discover how you can load data into an analytics database in these lab sessions. Learn how to create a graph (for Pagerank and community detection), query, analyse and visualise graphs.

Red Bull Racing and Oracle lab — Driven by Data. Built to win.

Want a sneak peak at how Oracle is helping drivers achieve peak performance? Join us for a test drive in person using real race data. Create models that are ready for the track—on pavement or pixels. Learn how you can use open source machine learning across various Oracle Cloud platforms to prototype predictive algorithms and display outcomes.

Premier League and Match Insights lab—Oracle Cloud reimagining the fan experience

Thanks to our partnership with Premier League you have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand what it is to be a football analyst and apply advanced analytics and machine learning to real match data. If you are passionate about football and data, this lab is for you!

Sail GP Simulator – Speed, scale and reliability for the win

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s performance allows the Oracle Red Bull Racing team to run real-time analytics throughout every race to help guide strategy decisions. Take the wheel and man the boat to experience the Sail GP simulation.

MuShop: Cloud Native Polyglot Microservices App

In this lab, you will learn how to deploy the MuShop App into a cloud-native microservice-based development framework leveraging the Oracle Cloud Native solutions. You will deploy an eCommerce application with polyglot microservices for each component of a highly scalable architecture leveraging Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components.

Building an App from a Spreadsheet using Oracle APEX

In this lab, you will create a fully featured, responsive Web app using Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud. Test drive understanding of low code app development with APEX.

LowCode with APEX

Join us for an in person lab where you will have the opportunity to build an App from a Spreadsheet. Learn how to Build an App from Your Data Ideas and how to build an App using REST Data Sources.

LowCode with Visual Builder

This lab will provide you the chance to learn how to provision a Visual Builder instance. Design and develop a simple Human Resources web app and then stage and publish the web app.

Microservices Deployment

In this lab you will have the chance to Deploy an eCommerce application with polyglot microservices. Test drive a highly scalable architecture leveraging Kubernetes and see how Oracle Cloud supports cloud-native microservices architectures.


Join this lab for the chance to provision an ATP instance, manage blockchain tables, import the web app and test blockchain features. Learn how to install node.js in compute instance and deploy the app.

Forms Modernisation

In this lab we will show you how forms and APEX have similarities making it a simpler transition. Test drive both DB-centric, SQL and PL/SQL based forms, utilising DB capabilities. See how APEX runs through a web browser, zero client-side tools and plugins.

Replicate Data using GoldenGate

Join this lab for the opportunity to create the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate Deployment. Learn how to register Databases, Create and Run the Extract and Replicants and Monitor Extracts and Replicants.


Join this lab to learn how to provision an Autonomous JSON database, get an Introduction to JSON collections, SODA for REST and about how to use SQL to work with JSON.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

Learn how to provision Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute, network, and storage resources and test drive how to deploy a basic workload onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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