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Leverage Data for Business Growth

How does the digital landscape open up new marketing opportunities? With Oracle Analytics, it’s now possible to understand the customer journey more than ever before.

Why Choose Oracle Analytics for Marketing?

See What Campaigns Work—And Why

The easiest way to improve your marketing ROI is through data. Data represents all of the measurable actions taken by people as they watch, read, and experience your campaigns. Every click and every impression gives a hint into what’s working and what’s not. In an always-on, always-connected world where our lives blend seamlessly with our devices, that’s a lot of decisions—and a lot of data.

But what do you do with that data once it arrives on your server?

Enter Oracle Analytics. With it, all of that data can be processed, sorted, graphed, and drilled down into insights that provide both macro and micro views of marketing campaigns. Beyond that, Oracle Analytics comes loaded with powerful machine learning and embedded AI tools for predictive modeling, so historical metrics can help shape future results.

Oracle analytics can change the way marketers analyze with benefits such as:

Hearing your digital audience: More and more devices connect into our lives everyday, each constantly sending data. Turn that deluge of data to your advantage.

Creating virtual campaign experiments: Predictive modeling tools and powerful visualizations explain results in easy-to-digest ways. That means it’s easy to experiment with virtual campaigns and use the results to inform your overall campaign strategy.

Drilling down or scaling up: Need to examine how a specific audience reacts to engagement on a certain platform in a particular season? Or do you need to step back and get a bigger picture across all channels? With Oracle Analytics, you can drill down or scale up as needed to determine the most important insights into your campaign.

Driving revenue: With greater understanding of marketing, you can generate a positive ripple effect on other parts of your business, ultimately driving revenue.

Oracle Analytics for Marketing

Oracle Analytics is a complete, connected platform that enables relevant, real-time, and role-based marketing analytics to shape your success. With visual analytics in every solution and insights available through a complete and connected platform, it delivers ultimate clarity for your marketing campaign and customer journey.


Predict Buying Patterns

Oracle Analytics includes machine learning algorithms and embedded AI designed specifically to predict buying patterns. By combining historical data with context learning (location, weather, emotions, customer sentiment, and more) these predictive models optimize both conversion and budget.


Prove Marketing ROI

Real data consolidated across sources shows the numbers behind marketing campaigns in both traditional and digital channels. These numbers provide a true look at campaign effectiveness and related ROI.


Understand Buyer Demographics

Are you getting the most out of every customer segment? Cross reference data by channel, demographic, season, and other factors, then output into visualizations to easily identify marketing blind spots and underperforming segments.


Quickly Adapt to Market Changes

Real-time views of customer data enable you to recognize market changes and customer nuances before they become overwhelming. Proven predictive modeling delivers the tools to quickly adapt in a smart, data-driven way, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Build your marketing solutions on Oracle Analytics.