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Oracle Hospitality for Hotels—OPERA Channel Management—Fully Managed

Effectively Manage Distribution Channels

Oracle Hospitality OPERA OTAs/GDS and Web Channel Management—Fully Managed helps you optimize rates and allocation of room inventory across distribution channels. The hosted solution also provides connectivity to global distribution systems and online travel agencies.

  • OPERA Channel Management-Self Service Screen Shot 1

    Overview of rates, channel distribution, and restrictions.

  • OPERA Channel Management-Self Service Screen Shot 2

    Dashboard for inventory and reservations.

  • OPERA Channel Management-Self Service 3

    Channel setup and configuration.

  • OPERA Channel Management-Self Service Screen Shot 4

    View complete reservation details and booking source.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Single point to manage room inventory and rates across all distribution channels
  • Block module manages rates, inventory, restrictions and blocks for group and allocation business
  • Support for complex operations, such as shared reservations and loyalty memberships
  • Booking engine enables direct bookings through the hotel website
  • Ability to view bookings across channels
  • Ability to manage billing by channel
  • Expert assistance for channel setup and configuration
  • Setup and ongoing maintenance of hardware and software
  • Seamless integration with the entire Oracle Hospitality OPERA product family
Strategies to Mitigate Overbooking in Your Hotel
Strategies to Mitigate Overbooking in Your Hotel

Having an overbooked hotel can be a tough situation to avoid. Here are some tips on what to do to keep your guests happy and loyal when it happens.

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