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Oracle Network Adapters

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Fast, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Networking

Oracle's networking solutions offer enterprise customers some of the fastest, most cost-efficient network adapters on the market today.

  Data Sheet FAQ Max Speed Ports
Oracle Dual Port 25 Gb Ethernet Adapter New PDF PDF 25 Gb/s 2
Oracle Quad Port 10GBase-T Adapter New PDF PDF 10 Gb/s 4
Oracle Quad 10 Gb Ethernet Adapter or Oracle Dual 40 Gb Ethernet Adapter PDF PDF 40 Gb/s 2
Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Adapter PDF PDF 10 Gb/s 2
Sun Dual Port 10 GbE PCle 2.0 Networking Cards with Intel 82599 10 GbE Controller PDF PDF 10 Gb/s 2
Sun Quad Port PCIe 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet Networking Cards PDF PDF 1 Gb/s 4
Oracle Dual Port QDR Infiniband Adapter M3 PDF PDF 40 Gb/s 2