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Embracing uncertainty in a digital-first world requires speed, agility, and adaptability from your technology and your people.

Our consulting services balance operational efficiency with business agility to give you greater transparency, deeper business insights, and improved decision-making. No one knows Oracle technology better than Oracle Consulting.

How to move to the Oracle Cloud with confidence

Looking for a clear path to the Oracle Cloud? Hear from Russell Haupert, City of Tampa CIO, to learn key cloud migration insights.

How to move to the Oracle Cloud with confidence

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Oracle Consulting advisory services

Cloud roadmap services

We help our on-premises clients build their own unique roadmap to the cloud. We assess applications for customizations, benchmark against industry peers, and provide a chain of benefits roadmap linked to initiatives with specific, measurable outcomes.

Phase 0 services

Our complimentary Phase 0 preimplementation services deliver a prescriptive roadmap for clients ready to move to Oracle Cloud. With clear project milestones, stakeholder alignment on goals and expectations, and industry-leading risk mitigation, Phase 0 can launch any cloud implementation toward success.

Delivery advisory services

Making the right decisions and identifying issues early on can positively affect the overall cost, delivery timeline, and quality of an implementation. Throughout all phases of your cloud implementation, we offer proactive and targeted delivery advisory services to help clients and partners deploy projects on time, on budget, and with minimal risk.

Oracle Consulting implementation services

Implementation services

Move to Oracle Cloud ERP fast with Oracle Consulting’s Implementation Accelerators. Oracle Soar, our automated upgrade to the cloud, gets you to the cloud faster, smarter, and at a lower cost. What’s more, our newest offering for healthcare, Oracle Leap, jump-starts the cloud transition by leveraging prebuilt industry configurations to speed implementations, lower costs, and reduce risks.

Change management and transformation services

Moving to the cloud is more than a software upgrade. It’s an organization-wide shift in mindset, culture, and work processes. Oracle Consulting’s Change Management and Transformation team equips our clients with the outlook, methodology, tools, and resources to successfully journey to the cloud.

Oracle Consulting post-implementation services

Oracle Evolve services

We help companies deliver continuous improvement through innovation. To do this, we help your team develop a self-sufficient post-production organization, create an improved solution to help maximize the subscription benefits, and realize business value by optimizing the solution and offering quarterly Oracle product innovations.

Oracle Consulting on-premises services

For customers who aren’t ready to move to the cloud, we offer a variety of on-premises services to maximize the value of their current environment and plan their move to the cloud. We provide advisory, implementation, and post-implementation services for EBS, JD Edwards, Hyperion, and PeopleSoft.

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